140623 Warnemunde

The Plan

In Warnemunde perhaps wander the Alte Strom (old Channel), with its various restaurants, pubs and traditional fishing boats. FB,L,D

How the Day Turned Out

We enter Germany and dock at Warnemunde, which is the port for Rostock. It is would have been part of East Germany before the re-unification of what is now the ‘backbone’ country of the European Economic Community. The port is quite busy and we are docked just at the mouth of the harbour. There is a train line passing close by where the Eurodam. Holland America Line has hired an eleven- carriage train, which takes those wanting to do the three-hour trip to Berlin for the day. We decide to stay put and see around the local area.

We take a suburban train into Rostock about 20 minutes away. The train is clean and new with no graffiti and no slashed upholstered seats, and it runs to time. We arrive at the station of Rostock and descend two levels to where we board a tram into a clean and neat, city centre. We head for the free Wi-Fi spot to update and be updated with what’s going on. One hour for the day is all we get before we are off line.

In a way, it is good to be delayed an hour as the town doesn’t get to be busy until around 11:00am. The shops are well presented and the paved streets are clean. After a few hours, it’s back on the tram to return to Warnemunde. Our tram gets held up as one of the passengers requires the attention of an ambulance. Fortunately, when we arrive at the Rostock station, there is an express train waiting to take us to Warnemunde and we experience the country train style that would be good to have in Australia – comfort, cleanness, silence and efficiency.

After lunch on the Eurodam, we take a walk along the canal of the beautiful seaside town of Warnemunde. It seems that this town is a busy seaside holiday centre for Germany. The main hotel we can see in the distance was the accommodation for the East German army for when the soldiers were sent to have a ‘holiday’ in the heavily phone-bugged building. Along the beach are many seaside beach houses. These are used by beachgoers for changing into swimwear and as a shelter while sunning the body.

As we are in Germany, the Eurodam puts on a special ‘German Bierfest’ complete with a traditional Oompah brass band for the ship’s guests to get into the swing of the local culture. There is lots of German cabbage, sausages and breads – all too salty for me, it appears.

We leave Warnemunde at 9:00pm bound for the port of Kiel.


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