140625 Copenhagen

The Plan

Founded in the 10th century as a Viking fishing village, take the opportunity to explore this wonderful city at leisure.  Perhaps visit Rosenborg Castel and Park or Nyhavn, the colourful district dating back to the 17th century. FB,L,D

How the Day Turned Out

We’re back in Copenhagen.  There are lots of other cruise boats here too, and it’s time to realise how fortunate we have all been to see the beauty of Norway and to experience cruising. Our mileage in Norway was 1463km and on the cruise was 1952 nautical miles, or 3,615 km with a total of 5,078 km. It sure didn’t seem that far on the cruise.

We have a day in Copenhagen before being officially disembarked from our ship, the Eurodam. There are city excursions available but we take to the city in the shuttle bus to find a railway station.

While cruising out of Copenhagen 12 days ago, we noticed a freeway going under the ship, well, in a tunnel under the ship, and we want to check it out. Under the excellent directions of city guide, Alan, we find the Central Railway Station $28 is not a lot of money for a 35-minute journey in a modern, fast, smooth and quiet train under a harbour, across a bridge, and into the quiet town of Malmo in Sweden. Lorraine has a ‘nail’ fix-up appointment back on the ship at 3ish, so we split up with some staying to enjoy the great little town. There is hardly a tourist in sight.

After a great lunch in a little café, sitting in the city square, we wander around a little and then head back to the railway station and to the ship.

As it is the last night before disembarkation, we enjoy our final meal in the Rembrandt Restaurant – an Indian dish of curried tofu – it was nearly as good as Losena makes.

Packing is always a chore, but has to be done. Lyn finds out that if you leave home with a full suitcase, and visit clothes shops while on holiday, you are bound to have to sit on your suitcase to close it for the return home. Suitcases have to be outside the door by midnight for the great ‘exodus’ in the morning. The organisation to get 2,000 people off a ship, with their luggage, and on to transfers to the airport, hotels in the city, or train stations, is enormous. But with a little patience and perseverance, the job gets done and we are on our way through the city for a ‘drop-off’ and on to the airport. It is obvious that Copenhagen has a real need for freeways for ease of traffic flow. Perhaps that is what all the road works are about? Are they building underground freeways to ease the congestion? No, more railways.

After 5 hours, we are bound for Dubai and Melbourne for a well-earned rest. Well, for some of us work is rest after that fantastic tour through Norway and a calm cruise in the Baltics.

If you feel that you want to experience the same or a similar tour, give Lyn a call at the travel agency after her return from Switzerland on July 9.

Lyn and four others have flown to Munich and then train on to have 10 days in Switzerland. A daily brief will be posted here when they come through.



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