2016 World Cruises

Cruising is high on the bucket list of most people. Once you have done one, you will either decide to ‘never do another cruise’ or you will be sold on cruising for holidays the rest of your life. If you’re in thPrincess 2016 World Cruisese second category, you just may wish to do the 104-night Sea Princess Round World Cruise, or the 75-night Sun Princess Circle Pacific Cruise in 2016. Either way, Lyn at Yarra Travel Junction can do all the booking and immigration needs to make your cruise adventure a hassle free holiday.
Included in the Round World Cruise are over 35 destinations to exotic countries like Sri Lanka, Dubai, Rome, Copenhagen, New York and Santiago. Between ports, there is so much to do on the magnificent “Sea Princess”. So consider cruising for your next holiday.

If such a long cruise does not fit into your future plans, Lyn will help you with a cruise that fits your needs or budget.

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