South America with Intrepid

To enjoy the continent of South America, and to experience the deepest regions, you need to be fit and ready for lots of walking and maybe hiking. The colours of the handicrafts and landscapes are vivid Intrepid South Americaand vibrant as you venture around the villages and streets. Take the Inca Trail Express and visit the iconic Machu Picchu. Gaze at colourful macaws, search for jaguars and anteaters on the plains of Pampas del Heath. Experience the volume of water cascading over the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. Get the taste buds exploring the cuisine of the best of Chile and Argentina.

All this is detailed in Intrepid’s new brochure for 2015. Grab a copy as you pass the travel agency or call Lyn to have one sent to you. In almost no time, your bookings and tickets can be arranged. (Well, maybe South American time is a little slow at times.) A ‘mine’ of adventure and new experiences await you.

Author: Colin Spain

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