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America is a big country with big climate variations. The summer is generally warm to hot and the winter can be very, very cold. So, when planning your vacation there, you need to fit in your activity according to tQFH Americahe weather.

How do you get around America when on holiday? You can do a road trip in a coach, or a car, or even hire a motorhome. The price of motorhome hire may sound high but remember, you won’t need to unpack more than once for the holiday. You will have the same restaurant but with a different view each meal, if you wish.

We hired a motorhome for three months in America when we had two young children. They remember many of the wonderful experiences and locations we checked out in the western states and Canada. After 10,000 miles, our memory banks were full to the brim, so much so, that we are going back in May this year to retrace our steps without the children.

Drop in, or call, to collect this Qantas Holidays America and Canada brochure to help organise your northern summer vacation.

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