This is one of my favourite destinations. Why not consider a winter break exploring these islands in an emerald sea? With a short connection stop in Auckland, you are able to board an aircraft that has that “I’m on holiday now” mood throughout.

French Polynesia is alsTahitio known as The Islands of Tahiti. There are 118 islands comprising French Polynesia, of which Tahiti is the main island and the location of the capital city of Papeete. But you may choose to stay at the beautiful island of Moorea, or the interesting location of Bora Bora.

The weather will be kind, most of the time. It’s not unusual to get tropical storms at the end of the day to find the next day to be a perfect tropical day.

Snorkel in the lagoons and follow the sand crabs to their home or take a standing surf board around to other experiences. Take a massage at the spa located in your resort hotel with a little French taste, both in the restaurants and in the way things happen here. You will be so happy to choose Tahiti – just magnificent.

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