Africa is a great destination.


Back in 2013, we took a group of travellers to Africa and visited 5 countries, each distinct and each having many different game parks to see Africa’s famed animals up close. We witnessed a couple of Cheetahs devouring their kill for the morning. Too much eating at a time can mean a very long sleep in the afternoon and into the next day. These two guys were aware that other ‘friends’ were nearby with the same smell-sense as themselves so they kept eating and resting while watching for others who wanted to dine at their table. In the evening, we spent an hour watching a sole lion preparing for his night’s activity before a serious roar to attract his female pride members.

The cultures and colours of the different tribes in each African country are varied and worthy of your inquiring mind.

On the Go Tours have selected some very memorable locations in Africa for you to enjoy. How about considering Africa for your once in a lifetime holiday with a 2 for 1 for their African Overland Safaris.
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Our motor home travels this year will be curtailed somewhat, due to the group tour to Europe and Scandinavia, but we plan on getting up to Queensland for a few months on our return. The idea of running the travel agency from the motor home has turned out to be a great lifestyle change. We do enjoy it, for sure.

Whenever you see a trip advertised, call Lyn and she will help you through the procedures. Her expertise includes ensuring you have the correct immigration formalities for the countries you will visit.

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Evergreen Tours is the sister company to the well known Scenic brand. They do most itineraries that ScenEvergreen Africa 2016ic do but you stay at less expensive accommodation and sometimes that is not in the centre of the city you are visiting. But their product is superb. Africa is one of our favourite destinations after taking a group there in 2013. To see the wildlife up close in their ‘home territory’, doing what they normally do in the adventure of their lives, whether it be chasing their meal or devouring it or just lazing about waiting for the next meal to pass by, is just awe inspiring. Take it from me. A trip to Africa’s, well worth the fee.

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