Motor Bike Tour of Hue Vietnam

If you ever get to Vietnam, never forget to take a tour on a motor scooter driven by a local. Many of the touristy areas have them but make sure they last a good 3-4 hours, as you get to see lots of city sights and often venturing out to the countryside where you see the agriculture activity that keeps the city markets alive. Call Lyn today to make your holiday to Vietnam a reality.  0418 1858 50. #greynomads

Evergreen Unmissable Travel Offers

This flyer has just arrived. Take a look and decide on a great holiday with Evergreen. Take advantage of Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise offer of another $50 off per person.

GNTC Evergreen Unmissable Flyer – Click to read

Insider Journeys to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Insider Journeys has some great itineraries for you to explore. We did a trip through this region in 2016 and found some delightful people and a lot of delicious food. The scenery was busy with many motor bikes with very ‘game’ riders. To see a live beast on the back of a motor bike is something to behold; just saves getting a truck to do the transport for you.

Click on this link to view the brochure and then call Lyn on 0418 1858 50 if you have questions and to make your booking.

Insider Journeys to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

160929 Singapore Post

A stopover in Singapore is incomplete without a visit to Gardens By The Bay.

As yesterday was a ‘travel day’ from Luang Prabang to Singapore, I didn’t do my daily post. Today has been a ‘long walk’ from our comfortable hotel near Marina Bay Sands, across to the now famous “Gardens By The Bay”. I’ll let them tell their ‘own’ story in pictures by clicking here to view them

For those who haven’t read my written post from 2014, click here.

Tomorrow, we are doing a visit to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari.

160924 The River Resort Post

Today is the day for an elephant ride in the Laotian jungle. We board a made-up catamaran canoe with chairs on the deck for us to experience the crossing of the Mekong River. Click here to read all about our ride.

160923 Siem Reap to River Resort Post

A ‘free half-day’ is always a welcome item on the program. We have a few hours to ‘kill’ before our transfer to the airport for our flight to Pakse in South Laos. Click to view our post for the day.