Antarctica by Scenic Brochure

Scenic Antarctica 2016Antarctica is a destination most serious travellers want to visit. Take a look at the photo of the zodiac against the enormous ‘chunk’ of iceberg. How awesome it would be to experience the fantasy of the Antarctic region. Scenic have put together this brochure describing their luxury private charter cruises. They don’t have their own Antarctic vessel but charter the “Le Boreal” and the “Le Lyrial”. These are exclusive private charters and that means the guests enjoy ‘the best seats in the house’ as you cruise the seas around the Southern Ice Cap of our world.

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APT Kimberley Coast Cruising Brochure

APT has been serving tourists to Australia for many years and they have a great brochure out now to guAPT Kimberley Coast Cruisingide you into deciding which cruise to take around the Kimberley Region. Many of the fabulous spots they take you to cannot be reached by road and so the cruise lets you see much of Australia that has not been visited. I haven’t visited the region myself, but we can help you with deciding. Recently, we sent some clients on this trip and they came back wanting to take it again, but for a longer period.

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Evergreen Tours Africa Brochure

Evergreen Tours is the sister company to the well known Scenic brand. They do most itineraries that ScenEvergreen Africa 2016ic do but you stay at less expensive accommodation and sometimes that is not in the centre of the city you are visiting. But their product is superb. Africa is one of our favourite destinations after taking a group there in 2013. To see the wildlife up close in their ‘home territory’, doing what they normally do in the adventure of their lives, whether it be chasing their meal or devouring it or just lazing about waiting for the next meal to pass by, is just awe inspiring. Take it from me. A trip to Africa’s, well worth the fee.

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Insight Vacations Europe Brochure

Insight Vacations have put together a brochure featuring Britain, Eastern Mediterranean & Morocco. Insight Europe 2017If you have never been to Europe and wish to see what others have enjoyed and don’t want to be fussed over maps with street names that take longer to say than it takes to pass them in your luxurious Insight Coach, then this is the type of vacation to choose. Insight have been ‘on the road’ for decades and know Europe like the back fence.

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Rocky Mountaineer Brochure

Prepare to be truly moved! TRocky Mountaineerhis brochure is just what it says: a train journey through the wonderful scenery of Canada. Everyone knows of the Canadian Rockies and have seen the pictures of this great train adventure. From Vancouver, through Kamloops and on up to Lake Louise and on to Banff or Jasper, is just a magical trip for any age.

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South America with Scenic Brochure


We travelled to South America in September just gone and found there are many real Scenic South America 2016adventures to be had there. We checked out the Equator Museum, Galapagos, Amazon River, Sacred Valley including Machu Picchu and then the great Iguazu Falls – they are the biggest of the biggest “wow” experiences you can enjoy. Although most of the tours require many internal flights to get to these destinations, it is all worthwhile.

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River Cruising In Asia with Scenic Brochure

Scenic South East Asia River CruisingScenic Tours have a new set of brochures out and one of the interesting ones features River Cruises they provide in South East Asia. There is the Irrawaddy River Cruise in Mystical Myanmar or the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. We are taking a group in September 2016. If you want to join us on the brand new “Scenic Spirit”, call in or Call Lyn on 03 5967 1858 business hours. Or alternatively, Lyn can help you with all your river cruising around the world.

Asia Small Groups Brochure

Insiders Journeys Asia Small GroupsInsider Journeys are experts in caring for you in a small group situation. Their 2016 brochure features Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma and lots of other interesting countries in the Asian Region.

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