160529 Barcelona to Singapore

Our transfer to the airport was to come for 12 mid day. The guy was on time, but didn’t seem to be aware that tourists have luggage. He parked across the busy street and it was obvious that he was going to have trouble with getting us in with all our baggage. Only two suitcases fitted into the ‘boot’. The rest were loaded once all of us were seated in the bus. So we had our hand luggage on our laps and the aisle was double stacked with suitcases and then the passenger’s seat in the front had 3 suitcases on it.

During the 25 minute drive to the airport, the driver, who didn’t speak English, took some photos of us in the back and sent them to a mate. (I was right behind him jammed up against his seat with my backpack between me and the seat, and could see his every move over his shoulder). He then took a photo of the fuel gauge, which was sitting on the red empty section and sent that off to a mate. He then called ‘someone’, presumably his mate, and appeared to be asking if his fuel level would get us to the airport. Nervous, nervous, indeed. Both he AND I.

We made it to the airport and he was very happy when we all cheered and applauded him. He was even happier when he received my tip. (Geelong to win!!! – Bummer, they lost) Lol!

Our flight to Singapore on an Airbus 380 touched down in Dubai. The onward flight to Singapore departed 3 hours later, plus half an hour waiting on the end of the runway for a departure slot. Lyn and I managed to sleep most of the way during the second 7 hour flight for the ‘day/night’ into Singapore which is always good.



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