171004 Halifax

Halifax is the seaside capital of Nova Scotia. Enjoy which ever excursion you choose.

Overnight, we leave the United States and cruise on to Halifax, Canada. The entertainment for the evening is a young saxophonist who plays all his own arrangements of old songs as well as some he has composed himself. After he is done, we went to the BB Kings Show for some African American pop-type music.

Halifax has lots of history to do with the setting up of the country by the British and the wars and take-over bids for various parts of the ‘colonies’ of the day. There are many types of parkland, we notice, and after the 3-hour city tour and walk around the Fort George Garrison Grounds, we make a beeline back to where we noticed the Public Gardens. (Did I say that was after we had a delicious Cows brand ice cream for lunch?) At noon, an old cannon is fired to signify the event, which causes many in the tour group to wonder where we were.

There are three cruise ships in port today; the Zuiderdam, the Queen Mary 2, and a Celebrity Cruises vessel (Haven’t seen the name yet). With so many tourists wandering about the various ‘high’ spots in the town, it becomes difficult to manoeuvre to where you want to take the photos you want to capture, especially in the public gardens. A cold snap of weather is due to arrive next Monday. The locals say this brings the leaves to their colour-change season. We haven’t seen the REAL colours of autumn, yet, but are hoping to in the next 3 days or so before this cruise ends.

The hydro package we bought into is a good one, especially for when we are about to go to bed. We missed the evening’s show and spent the time in the spa, and some time on the heated ceramic beds; the best way to end another day on a cruise.

We head to Sydney, Nova Scotia, this evening.

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