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Hi!  I’m Lyn.  I look forward to meeting you and providing the best holiday of your dreams. I’m a fully certified and qualified International Travel Manager and Cruise Consultant.  I started working in the  travel industry in Papua New Guinea in 1982.  It’s my desire to ensure all your travel needs are met in a friendly and informative manner. I can help you in the many areas of travel and to all destinations. From 2018, I will be “on the road”, serving others who enjoy being on the road too. In country towns without a travel agency, you just may find us in our “pop-up” shop, meeting the locals and providing on the spot travel advice to them. If you live in a country town, let me know you would like me to visit your town someday (no gravel roads – LOL)

I had a shop-front for 27 years in Yarra Junction known as Yarra Travel Junction and from 2018, have moved into our motor home to become known as Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise. We are the “grey nomads” but can do travel for anyone. Together with my Travel Writer husband, Colin, we are travelling around Australia making ourselves available in towns where there is no travel agency as well as enjoying campgrounds along the beautiful Australian coastline – we love the beach.

I can provide you with all what shop front travel agencies make available, such as itinerary planning, flights to all countries, car hire, coach tours and various other travel packages. I have taken 10 groups of happy travellers on tour with me to remarkable destinations this world has to offer. Don’t you love cruising? Well, I can help with your choice of ship and region – just give me a call. 0418 1858 50


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  1. Hi Colin and Lyn,
    Good to see you both again on Saturday Evening
    Being a “Oldie”, what do I do to get you blogs and photos sent by email. Enjoyed the video clips you showed me on your phone Colin.
    Tell me what to click or link me in to you blogs and website if you can
    Will now go and have a look at some
    blogs and photos.
    Regards, Ray

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