December update

Yes, the travel agency industry has been decimated due to the pandemic. We were hit on day one and it looks like we won’t see any international business income until at least quarter 3, 2021.

Since the close down, the industry has been busy refunding over $10 billion dollars worth of travel. We have refunded over $6 billion but still have a few difficult suppliers who have not been able to refund due to the funds having been passed on to end-suppliers overseas.

It is the ONLY industry that has had to refund monies earned in 2019, back to clients in 2020. Those earnings were payed to employees, landlords and utility providers but the refunded commissions have had to be payed out of agency owners own pockets, from savings or increasing personal mortgages. It’s been tough for most agencies.

We’d like to thank our clients for their patience during this pandemic and also the government for providing Jobkeeper to keep us alive. Thank you to all.

Behind the scenes, the industry has been doing massive restructuring work, especially the cruise sector. Cruise companies have redesigned their fleet to delete internal cabins and create bigger “spaces”. Wholesalers have had to renegotiate dealings with end-providers.

Recently, we have seen small windows of products being made available, albeit with massive terms and conditions. Hopefully, we can make these available soon but until then, ‘enjoy Australia in your caravan’. If you don’t have a caravan/motor home, we can commence planning your getaway to an Australian resort.

Many of you have advanced plans for meeting up with friends and relatives during the Christmas/New Year period. We wish you safe travel and good health for now and into the future. Seasons Greetings – we would love to hear how things are with you.

During COVID-19, we have been busy renovating our garden and more recently, taking a few weeks visiting spots in Victoria. There is so much to see and enjoy in our state and regions are welcoming us warmly.

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Mt Oberon in Wilson’s Promontory National Park
A great place to relax, now the structural work is done.

A personal message from Lyn

This last week, has been the worst week I have had in our business, our travel agency Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise & former Yarra Travel Junction, we are in our 30th year of business and have never had anything like this, it is crazy!! I am trying to keep positive, but at times it is hard.

My clients mean the world to me and I go all out to do my very best for them. They become my friends and I just love putting their trips together for them and fulfilling their dreams. I sure hope this Coronavirus goes away real soon, but I have a feeling it is going to get worse before it gets better. Let me know if I can be of help to anyone with advice or travel arrangements. It is hard for everyone at the moment.

I look out at our garden and I feel blessed that I have a little haven to rest my soul.

Oh well as we face this new week, I just want to say, stay safe and keep well and healthy and be kind to each other, and remember you are not the only one that needs toilet paper!!! Share the love.

Live Wild – Grand Kimberley Coast



The North West corner of West Australia is opening up to some great adventure tours. Be an early bird to enjoy this destination that many from overseas have come to enjoy recently. Call Lyn today on 0418 1858 50 for availability and prices ex any capital city in Australia.

Africa is a great destination.


Back in 2013, we took a group of travellers to Africa and visited 5 countries, each distinct and each having many different game parks to see Africa’s famed animals up close. We witnessed a couple of Cheetahs devouring their kill for the morning. Too much eating at a time can mean a very long sleep in the afternoon and into the next day. These two guys were aware that other ‘friends’ were nearby with the same smell-sense as themselves so they kept eating and resting while watching for others who wanted to dine at their table. In the evening, we spent an hour watching a sole lion preparing for his night’s activity before a serious roar to attract his female pride members.

The cultures and colours of the different tribes in each African country are varied and worthy of your inquiring mind.

On the Go Tours have selected some very memorable locations in Africa for you to enjoy. How about considering Africa for your once in a lifetime holiday with a 2 for 1 for their African Overland Safaris.
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Our motor home travels this year will be curtailed somewhat, due to the group tour to Europe and Scandinavia, but we plan on getting up to Queensland for a few months on our return. The idea of running the travel agency from the motor home has turned out to be a great lifestyle change. We do enjoy it, for sure.

Whenever you see a trip advertised, call Lyn and she will help you through the procedures. Her expertise includes ensuring you have the correct immigration formalities for the countries you will visit.

Scenic: Love to Travel?

In all the years we took groups of travellers away, we found that Scenic Tours were the one company that cared about what they did for the members of our group in a very special way. Without any major complaints from our clients, we would always recommend Scenic Tours for your next Discovery Tour. Lyn is waiting for your call so grab your phone and call 0418 1858 50 for her personalised service.

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