Are Your Boots Made for Walking?

We got onto this adventurer walker last week and thought someone just may want to ‘take a long walk one day’. Check out this post and let Lyn know when you decide to make a booking. She will see that all works out for your ‘interesting stroll’. Click on this link

Yes, I’d love an adventurous walk for a holiday.

South and Central America – Bunnik Tours

We have some very special group tours to bring to your notice. Just click on the link below to view these exclusive deals from Bunnik Tours. All tours are ex Australia.

South and Central America – Bunnik Tours

Lake Titicaca – Peru

Remember trying to say this name back in elementary school? A few stumbles for all, but when we visited here in 2015, we were at the ‘top of the world’ when it comes to sailing the highest navigatable lake in the world. Memories of ladies encouraging the captains of the little boats that transferred us from our motel to these interesting reed based small inhabitable areas. Take a read of our days activities and then call Lyn on 0418 1858 50 to start planning your visit to this different isolated region of the world.

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Alaska and Canada are fabulous


Each time we travel to this area, we come home with new and exciting memories of the splendour of the scenery and the magnificent wildlife. Wouldn’t you love to experience the beauty of Lake Louise with the mountainous backdrop to die for and the Rocky Mountaineer?


Motor Bike Tour of Hue Vietnam

If you ever get to Vietnam, never forget to take a tour on a motor scooter driven by a local. Many of the touristy areas have them but make sure they last a good 3-4 hours, as you get to see lots of city sights and often venturing out to the countryside where you see the agriculture activity that keeps the city markets alive. Call Lyn today to make your holiday to Vietnam a reality.  0418 1858 50. #greynomads