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Early in the morning, our cruise boat will berth at Boston. There are various excursions to choose to do or, you can just sit around the ship. Often the spa areas have discounts on their treatments at this time, but be warned if you do. The prices are way above those charged for similar treatments in Australia.

After a full day at sea, we arrive into Boston early in the morning for a ‘duck tour’ of the city. What’s a “duck tour” you ask? From back in the days of the war, Boston is renowned for using these amphibious vehicles for city tours. They were used by the military, during assaults in difficult terrain. Cumbersome to look at and difficult to board, the tour commences with a view of the city through the eyes of our guide dressed in, who knows what, but he is very informative and privy to interesting stories of past presidents and politicians that Boston is famous for. We saw where John F Kennedy lived, and where Marilyn Munroe is said to have visited, often. (Oh, the private life of politicians is revealed years later by historians with a bent for the unusual – even his platform shoes have clear plastic heals housing famous goldfish. Of course, they are guarded by his flared white trousers of the days of Elvis).

This “duck” also takes us on a tour of the city with a river view, and some of the passengers are invited to drive the thing up river while the driver/captain takes his “unionised” break. We have certainly been blessed again with beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. Initially, we were going to go back to the ship for lunch then return to the city for our self-guided walking tour of the ‘touristy stuff’, but decide that a sleep on the deck is well worth the ‘effort’; oh, and then another ice-cream. Are you counting, John?

Tomorrow we will be at Bar Harbour.

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