Cook Islands – Aitutaki 2015

What a great place to relax. We took 8 nights out in the Cook Islands in March. The break was one of the best we have enjoyed; nothing to do and all day to do it in. The people were so friendly and put themselves out of their way to help and make our stay so comfortable. It has become No 1 on our list of “must return” destinations.

Burano Venice, Italy

Just off Venice are two interesting islands where tourists flock to: Borano and Murano


Scandinavia 2014

Landscape beauty is all about “being there, at the right time”. On a group tour, you have to take photos of what you see, THEN! No coming back another day. This video is of the Scandinavian Countries and some Baltic Sea towns along the way.

Africa 2013

Africa is just fantastic.  Our group tour for 2013 was just the best.  Although many of the regions we visited was third world, the accommodation was 5 star and the service was ‘just for us’.  They say” if you weren’t born in Africa”, after visiting, “Africa is born in you.”

I brought home 8 and a half hours of film.  After many hours going through all the shots, I broke it down to about 2 and a half ours of finished movies.  You see, you need to have the camera running just in case the animal does something which will make the shot that much more interesting.

This video is a snap shot of our Group Tour to Africa. The stills were taken on a Sony DSC HX50V.  I hope you enjoy ii.

Cvesky Krumlov 2010

This little village in the Czech Republic was delightful. Would you believe, this is the village where Prince Charles and Camilla had their honeymoon?

Ruins of Europe 2012

At 5:00am one morning in Rome, I hired a taxi which took me down the cobblestone alleyways of the city towards the Colloseum. (That ride in itself was worth getting up early for.)  I was hoping for some movie of the Colloseum at day break.  On opening the video camera to start filming, the sky showed as being an interesting blue.  “Ah”, I thought, “I have to do my best at this shoot.”  When I had finished filming around the Colloseum, I changed the settings to try and highlight the sunrise colours but that only brought in the natural colours that existed.  I am so glad I found that blue colour in the sky as the backdrop to a very historical and well-known ruin in Rome.

This video is a quick tour around some of the ruins of Europe which we visited on our group tour to Italy, followed by an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise.  I hope you enjoy the experience with me – and, yes, it’s OK to turn up the volume as the music is grand and needs to be heard.

Paris 2010

For my 6oth birthday, I managed to make it to France, to follow nine stages of the Tour de France before our River Cruise.  I travelled from Revel, and through the Pyrenees, on to Bordeaux for the time trial and then to Paris on the fast train.

I spent 4 days in Paris before flying to Toulouse, and so did a bit of filming around the town and came up with this movie.  What inspired me was the music which is in our library, and so I put some video to it.  I hope you like it.

Five Lakes Valley 2009

This is one of my favourite locations.  Five Lakes Valley is in the eastern sierras of California south of Mammoth Lake Valley. It was early in the morning just 2 hours after a heavy snow fall.  The sky was clear and every view was just ‘picture perfect’.


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