End of an Era

Today is the last day Yarra Travel Junction will operate out of Yarra Junction after opening in 1990 – 27 years and nearly 7 months. You would have noticed that the website has changed to Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise.

We intend to travel Australia selling travel from our motorhome in country areas of Australia and at various festivals and rallies we attend. Look out for a brightly coloured Peugeot on a trailer as you drive along the highway or country road. You will see us, that’s for sure. And if you see us at a truck stop or rest area, come and have a cuppa – we should have the time.

Thanks Lyn, for being the “face” of our business. You certainly have done a fair and proper job to all who came in the door. The tours we took people on were well planned and a pleasure for all who joined us. I commend and appreciate you for a job well done.

The contact phone number is now 0418185850 and the email is lyn@gntc.com.au.

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