171003 Bar Harbor

Excursions to Bar Arbor’s idyllic natural surrounds, including Mount Desert Island’s coast and Acadia Nation Park are just some that are available.

Bar Harbour! Sounds interesting but then, it is tucked away in the Maine State of the far North East of the USA away from the mainstream touristy areas, so not much is ever heard of Bar Harbour in Australia. The NBC News rarely has to visit, it seems. But lots of tourists visit and there’s very good reason for them to wander around this mainly National Park region.

Our ship sneaks in in the early morning, making its way through all the lobster fishing spots laid in the harbour. Many fishermen have been out collecting lobsters for the restaurants to serve to cruise boat vacationers that invade the village for a day. And what a lovely little fishing village it is; well manicured lawns and gardens all around and shopkeepers ready early for the influx of prospective customers for the day. Yesterday, the Ovation of the Seas was here and today the Regal Princess is here with us. But the season of cruise boats only lasts for 4 or 5 months before it is just too cold for anyone to go on vacation.

We had chosen to go on a 2-hour walk around the Arcadia National Park. Only a small group of people thought of the same option, and so it was easy to get along between stops where a guide provided us information on the geological structure or the foliage of the coastline. Our 2-mile walk took about an hour of walking. The scenery looking out over the region was fabulous with sunshine and blue sky to match, again. Although there are no mountains in the area, the slight increase in altitude was enough to give us some autumn colours we had really come for.

We returned to the pickup point and continued to walk around the lower coastline near the village to just enjoy the clean air and sunshine and watch fishing boats pass by.

After dinner and the evening show in the main Vista Room theatre, the BB King Band with its loud slow, and fast, blues music filled the small theatre.

Tomorrow, we are off to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada.

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