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Get your old storybooks out to renew childhood acquaintances of adventures we read. Here we explore the home of ‘Anne of Green Gables”.

Our ship berthed very early in the morning as there was a medical emergency on board last night and the old man had to be taken to hospital in the waiting ambulance. We were in the shops about 8:45pm and this guy right next to us collapsed onto the floor. Seriously, it was full on heavy stuff. I checked to see his breathing was ok and moved him into a comfortable position and then set the medical alert alarm going. His wife certainly was distraught as one would be. I was surprised that none of the staff seemed to know first aide other than to call for the doctor. I took on the role of letting the medics know which way to head when they arrived to attend the man. It shook us up a little so we went to the spa to relax and take it easy. I don’t know what happened, but I suspect he had a stroke. I checked the reception this morning for an update but staff would not say anything.

Charlottetown is the main town on Prince Edward Island (PEI). There are between 35-36,000 people in Charlottetown that has 35 churches. PEI has 308 churches so they must have been a very sinful people at some stage.

There is a CBC in town and it is said that the only news item each year is when a mother duck and her chicks make their way to water for the day. The traffic police are given the assignment to care for mother duck and her offspring. Apparently, they have set up a webcam in her nest to be sure of her movements and can report the progress of the goings on and what the offspring are doing, direct each morning from the webcam.

The economy of the island is based on agriculture, fishing, and tourism. There are 95,000 acres of potatoes. 60% of the potatoes become French fries, 30% cooking potatoes, and 10% become seed potatoes and are exported around the world. The record pumpkin size is 660 kilograms for one pumpkin. 75% of oysters are wild, 25% are cultivated in plastic baskets. Muscles grow on nets for two years before being harvested.

There are no business billboards on the island but businesses have a directional sign installed on the intersection poles free of charge.

I didn’t get the details but robotic dairy farms have an automated system for the cows to be milked. When the cow wants to offload its milk, it comes to the milking shed and somehow gets milked by a robot. The farmer gets an alert on his phone and knows which cow has entered the shed. So, the farmer can do all his work while he is on 3 month vacation, if he so desires.

Lobsters are a big industry. May and June are the only months they can be harvested. Each fisherman is only allowed 300 traps for their lobsters. Female lobsters are not harvested but thrown back into the ocean to keep reproducing.

With 20 golf courses on the island, there is a lot of lush green land with deciduous trees lining the fairways. The picture postcard farm-houses are surrounded, more with mown lawn than scrubs and trees. Very few houses have well tendered flower gardens.

Our tour was mainly to see the site of Anne of Green Gables. Everything is neat and the site is surrounded by another lush golf course with colourful autumn trees all around. There is a house to walk through to view the setting of the books written by L.M. Montgomery. I haven’t read the books at all. I hear they are more young girlish books but I might just take a sneak to see the gist of the story sometime. The first chapter starts with “Mrs Rachel Lynde lived just where the Avonlea main road dipped down into a little hollow, fringed with alders and ladies eardrops and traversed by a brook that had its source away back in the woods of the old Cuthbert place.” The last sentence in the 4 volume set is “But as Anne drove away from Windy Poplars the last message from it was a large white bath-towel fluttering frantically from the tower wind. Rebecca Dew was waving it.” What intrigue! I think I will have to get my grand daughters to do the reading and give me a two-sentence summary of the 4 volumes.

We departed for our sea day at 4:00pm spent cruising the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


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