2011 Tahitian Cruise 20th August


To celebrate my 60th birthday, I am inviting you to join me, and others, on a Tahitian Cruise for 7 nights.  If you want to stay before or after in Tahiti, thats fine.  For more information on details and prices, get in touch with me during business hours.

Paul Gauguin was inspired by them, Rogers & Hammerstein immortalized them in song, and James Mitchener wrote, “Anyone who has ever been there wants to go back.” Explorethe verdant peaks, crystalline waters, and pristine beaches of these magnificent volcanic islands, from dolphin-watching at Moorea to snorkelling off Bora Bora. Discover the “Garden Island” of Huahine, with its lush rain forests and dramatic terrain, and experience the Polynesian antiquities of Raiatea. Then enjoy an unforgettable day on our own private motu(islet) off Taha’a.

Beach Tahiti
Can’t wait to try out a beach in TahitiLocal VillageNow that’s not a bad boat.

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2 thoughts on “2011 Tahitian Cruise 20th August”

  1. Arriving in Papeete at 1:30am is rather interesting. We were delayed departing Auckland due to a ‘technical’ problem in the air conditioning system – yes we sat on board for over 90 minutes before eventually taking off into the night. A smooth flight and a warm arrival with Tahitian singing and leis for all of us. It didn’t take much to get us into bed. Lyn and I woke at 7:45am local time.

    After breakfast (due to our lateness, we barely had breakfast), we all sat looking at the ocean and the tropical beauty before us. The sand in front of th Radisson where we are staying is black and tends to be uninviting. However, Lyn tried a dip in the ocean before coming back into the magnificent pool area. In a short time, we all put on a bit of color.

    After a snack lunch, we travelled into the main town of Papeete. What a busy little town – narrow streets and vehicles busy making their ways to, wherever. We returned to the Radisson at 5pm and are waiting around for a 7pm dinner appointment. Tomorrow, afternoon we board the ship “Paul Gauguin” bound for the smaller islands around this very French Territory. The weather is warm with a temperate breeze – 28 or so.

    Cheers to all and thank you to those who wished Lyn and I a happy birthday. We have 4 celebrating birthdays in the last week so August was a good month. Cheers!!

  2. We are at Tullamarine airport staying at the Park Royal. Our 6am departure is 13 hours away; stopover in Auckland for 5 hours before arriving Tahiti at 12 midnight local time. Looking forward to the sunshine that has been above the clouds of Melbourne far too long.

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