September 28, Wednesday Siem Reap to Saigon

September 28, Wednesday Siem Reap to Saigon

Today has been a day of ‘hanging around an airport’ for a 46 minute flight to Saigon or, Ho Chi Minh City.

We met at the foyer of the Victoria at 10:15am after another enormous breakfast.  We have Anne to blame for the extravagant breakfast ideas.  Yesterday, it was champaign.  Today it was Waffles with Chocolate Fudge Topping.  After breakfast, I went to a main intersection just to watch how the traffic behaved. Amazing! Tuc tucs everywhere.  A smile came to my face as a pushbike went by.   The mother was riding with her baby slung in a hammock between the two handlebars; delightful.  One motorbike had Dad driving, then mother with small baby in arms and daughter on the back holding an intravenous drip, which was attached to the baby.  Perhaps they were the ‘family ambulance on the way to hospital from a clinic.

We arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure for Saigon.  A couple of ladies enjoyed a foot and leg massage while waiting.  Vietnam Airlines was very comfortable and full of Koreans on their way back home to Seol.

It is amazing how each customs or immigration officer, has a sad face – you can tell them a mile away.  Saigon is no different.  However, it was great to pick out our guide who is to travel with us for the whole time we are in Vietnam.  I recognized him in the crowd from pictures Lyn had taken on last year’s group tour.

The weather here in Saigon is around 28 degrees C with cloudy conditions but at least it is dry.  Saigon is made up of 9 million inhabitants and 6 million motorbikes.  Wow!  The traffic here is different to Siem Reap.  The adventurous motorbike riders are so game.  I stood on the corner outside our hotel for 15 minutes just watching the traffic go by.  I counted 53,643 motorbikes.  Very few of the riders checked out the stream of motorbikes they were joining.  It was just a matter of, “get out of my way.  I am joining the traffic.”

Tonight we had a delightful meal on a Bonsai junk on the Sai Gon River.  The traditional music had an entertainment value to it that enabled us to enjoy the evening.  This guy had a xylophone made of rocks and banged them with a mallet to make his music.  Good value!  The magician had some tricks that made the eyes wonder if they were seeing what was happening.  The singers sang 60’s music as if we were back in the Hard Rock Cafe.  Everyone enjoyed the evening and are ready for a long sleep.

Today’s “Senior’s Moment”.  One of our guests got excited about the security in his room and has wrecked the safe. (He read the distructions instead of the instructions)  Poor guy!

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