October 2, 2011 Sunday Can Tho

The best news to come out of Australia in the last week is to hear that Collingwood lost the AFL Grand Final – GO CATS!!!

The photos are a little off colour.  The “sunset” setting used the previous evening was left on and so pictures have come out a little yellowish -sorry!

This morning, we take a 6:30am boat ride through the early morning floating markets near our Victoria Hotel accommodation.  The boats are full of vegetables, fruits and anything else that can be traded.  There are floating “McDonalds” boats, with food cooked to order.  The people are all kind and accepting of us foreigners and smile as if they recognize us.  They love to know our names and where we come from.  We stop by a boat and a lady peels and prepares pineapples for a snack for us.

We return to the Victoria for an 8:30am breakfast before checking out of the hotel.  Boarding our floating transport again, we take up seats that could help us get some sleep or a vantage spot for more photos of  ‘the way the locals live’, as this transfer section is around 80 minutes.

Arriving at what we are told is a ‘tourist park’ we find some interesting exhibits.  We marvel at the tropical surrounds and then become awestruck at the scores of crocodiles kept in this large enclosure.  (Australia Zoo; eat your heart out).  Some of us try to feed the crocs with meat on the end of a fishing pole.

Walking back towards the entrance, we are detoured to an interesting “Caulfield Cup” event.  We are faced with 6 lanes and given the chance to place our bets for the next race.  Each entrant originates from well know locations of Vietnam, we are told.  The female race caller is dressed in traditional costume and the starter has some trouble turning the entrants to face in the direction of the finishing line.  The starter opens the gates and 6 pigs go hell for leather up their designated race lane toward the trough that contains a delicacy that only a pig will enjoy.  Now, Mr Baileau will be interested in that for next years Spring Carnival, we suppose.  The pig-race is followed by a small dog race, with similar results – some dog winning.

A lunch is provided by the owner of this magnificent estate.  Some of us have never drunk so much soft drink in a week before, but at only $1 for a can, that is cheap.  Joseph suggests that the Warburton Football Club should by their drinks from Vietnam and still make a lot of profit at just $2.

We board the bus for what turns out to be a long trip back to the Majestic Hotel in Saigon http://www.majesticsaigon.com.vn/ Our evening is at leisure, some of us eating the “Sunday Night Fish and Chips, Burger and Chips, or Pizza”. Some folk tried the 5th floor restaurant out and were able to enjoy a wedding breakfast from a distance.

Todays Senior’s Moment goes to Anne – four in one day.  A hat was left behind during the early morning floating market tour.  On our final boat transfer today, we slowed down and met with another transfer boat and Anne got her hat back.  How to get a cheap plug adaptor; ask Anne.  You take the phone charger out of the socket and make sure the plug adaptor is attached. (What a great souvenir, Anne.)  During the day, Anne was also feeling blocked in her sinuses.  Lyn gave her two antihistamine (hay fever) tablets in the hope that the sinuses would clear.  She should have taken just the one, so she felt more sleepy than normal.  While coaching back to Saigon, our tour guide received a phone call from the previous night’s accommodation.  Anne had missed paying for her drinks from the night before.  Thanks Anne!

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