October 5, 2011 Wednesday Hoi An

Today is a leisure day.  A time to explore Hoi An and purchase tailor made clothing, shoes and much more.  The town is busy with tourists doing just what we have come to Hoi An for.

Some of us realize that the sun is going to shine today and take up positions beside the pool.  This pool has to be one of the longest around, possibly up around 80-100 meters.  Would you believe, neither Lyn, or myself, have taken a photo of it?  And we are leaving in two hours time.  (I write these posts at 5:30am each morning)  The food and mocktails are well served up.

Others of the group are gone for dress/shirts/blouse/trouser fittings or to be measured up for shoes, some on the shuttle and a couple on pushbikes.  Very modern technology is used for shoe fittings.  Joseph places his foot on an A4 piece of paper and the sales assistant runs a pencil around his foot for his shoe size.  Now he is the proud owner of some black leather shoes for $50.  He hopes for a fashion parade before we depart for Melbourne.

Lyn and I take a bike ride for an hour.  We ride along the coast 3 or 4 km and notice 4 large resorts being built, side-by-side.  Tourism is about to boom in this area.  We venture into a village with streets barely wide enough to take the width of our handlebars.  Motorbike horns blow from behind warning us to “keep out of my way, I am coming through.”  Kids call “Hello” to us as if we are strangers – perhaps we are.  Our Yarra Travel Junction lycra riding gear is a hit and all who notice, have looks of wonder as they see two Europeans riding in bright uniforms.

At 6:00pm this evening, we board the shuttle bus for the town of Hoi An, about 5 kilometers away.  Our Vietnamese guide has another ‘cousin brother’ in this town too, and we are taken to a restaurant for dinner.  If ever you come to Hoi An, this restaurant does great tasty food.  All are happy with the choices they make.  Then comes the dessert menu.  To give you a good idea of the desserts, photographs are included in the menu.  I choose the black forest.  Lyn chooses the Chocolate Mouse Supreme.  The desserts are so good when they are served, that photos are taken.  And then the first mouthful tells the story – the best desserts in Vietnam or, perhaps the WORLD.

After our gastronomic venture, we take a walk around the lovely ‘old town’. The lanterns are lit, and the trees have lights in them.  The ‘Chinese’ bridge is lit up and these are reflected brilliantly in the river, which was a murky brown in daylight.

The shuttle bus brings us back to our accommodation at 9:30pm and we retire for the night to pack cases for a 7:30am departure tomorrow morning bound for Hue.

Seniors Moment.  At Can Tho, Chris and Lynn decided that they needed a wake up call in order to be ready for the floating market tour at 6:30am.  They requested a 5:00am wake up call.  The reception called them at 4:00am.  Without checking their own watches, they were ready well before time.

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