130807 Cape Town

The Plan

This morning enjoy your included city tour of Cape Town.  Take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain for outstanding views.  Enjoy your included Free Choice Activity

Some Information

Cape Town is surrounded by attractive and fashionable beaches and is one of the most enticing cities in the world.  It was founded in 1652 by Jan Van Riebeek to provide a port where the ships of the Dutch East India Company could take on supplies on their voyage east.  At the foot of the legendary Table Mountain, with ocean waves breaking on its shores, Cape Town’s old colonial houses rub shoulders with dissying skyscrapers.

The top of Table Mountain is reached by cable car in seven minutes, but 2 hours by walking.  The summit is 1,087 meters and presents a fabulous panorama of the Cape region.

How things turned out

After another great breakfast, thanks Scenic, we do a couple of hours riding around Cape Town in a bus. The weather is still ‘inclement’ but we get through even though some folk have left their rain weather gear back at their room.  The bus takes us up Signal Hill for photos of the city looking down – it must be a beautiful sight when the skies are blue.  We have to walk to where the bus has moved to and get caught in a rain shower, so cameras are put away and great photos get missed from our photo catalogue.

For the afternoon, some have chosen to take a boat ride out to Robbin Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner during apartheid (a report of that visit will come in another day’s post), while the rest of us took a small bus tour to the ‘wine farms’ as they are called here.

We visit just two wine farms.  The top money earner for South Africa is tourism and the second earner for South Africa is wine.  So wine farms are very big here.  There are many foreign owners of the farms who are non-resident.  The wine making industry has a law that no additives, like coffee, can be added to the wine.  There is also a problem that France is declaring world copyright on many of the terms used in the industry to declare the type of wine in a bottle and so different terminologies are emerging in the industry outside France.

Although the skies are grey, we are able to see rolling hills where the many wine farms are spread out.  In the restaurant/testing area of the second farm are many, many awards on the wall.  The current one they are proud of is the best wine for South Africa 2013 awarded by South African Airways.

I guess you have all heard about the fire at Nairobi International Airport.  We are to fly in there in 9 days time so things may be interesting for us.  A friend of ours arrived at the height of the fire and was kept on the aircraft for a few hours prior to having a stamp put in their passport and a search for their baggage on the ground.  It has been said that terrorism is not involved even tho it is the 15th anniversary of the bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

Senior Moment/s

The best senior moment is when one of you made a comment and mucked up the spelling and grammar, and then to ‘fix’ it, blamed her ‘senier’ problem for the error.

Hearing is often a problem for seniors.  Instead of hearing cellar, she heard we would be ‘salad’ tasting.

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