130825 Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara National Reserve

The Plan

This morning continue to Masai Mara National Reserve. This afternoon enjoy an Included game drive through the Masai Mara. FB L D

Some Information

The Mara, as the Kenyans call it, is the most visited and perhaps the most beautiful of all the country’s game reserves. Covering an area of 1,510 sq km, it is part of the traditional Masai lands, and its edges are dotted with manyats, shepherds’ villages. It’s an integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem, divided in two by the vagaries of human geography. The wildlife is abundant all year round.

How the day turned out

It is great to start a day with a safari; the air is clean, the sun is shinning today, and the animals are out and about having breakfast. We come across many giraffe today, one group of 18 or so have been very interesting – many little ones keeping close to their mother’s side. We see many interesting birds but for me, we don’t spend long enough as you have to ‘wait’ for the birds to show off their activities.

The view from the top of the ridge which was used in the movie, “The Lion King”, and the waterfall, are welcome sights. We have a beautiful blue sky to make us even more happy and to give us great pictures, again.

Our lunch is taken at an orphanage which was set up by an Australian couple in 2004. They sold their house and came over to help orphans left by their parents who died from HIV aids. They are away at their daughter’s wedding in Australia but a Croatian volunteer is here to host us. The buildings have been built by Australian/American volunteer teams and the cost of operations are paid by subscribers and donors. We have a vegetarian lunch served to us by a very competent chef, after being shown around the campus. There are some nice flowers around too. Scenic Tours visit this orphanage with each group that comes to Lake Nakuru and are invited to bring gifts for the kids. One of our ladies, Anne, has knitted 120 bennies to give and Val has brought a heap of tennis balls, which we have had shared amongst our baggage.

We are told we have a long way to go this afternoon. We will be at our next stop in 4-5 hours. The words ‘bone shaker of a trip’ were not used but we soon found out. All have received a free 4 hour massage – thanks to the road, what a thriller. We are glad it has not been raining recently or we would be slipping all over the road and even getting stuck in the mud. However, the scenery has been really eye-opening. Green fields go on forever, We come across a huge flower farm in what looks like 100’s of igloos. Kenya is the second biggest exporter of flowers to the EU, which is quite amazing. There are lots of young children waving as we pass – there must have been 4,734 waves from lovely little faces. Leo has been counting the speed bumps and is up to 3467 – LOL!

Suddenly the vegetation is gone compared to the highlands and we know that the plains of the Maasai Mara are close by. Passing through a busy town is the point of change. And then we are on to a rough gravel road for more than 90 minutes. Our driver is not afraid of risks and we pass a few vehicles and trucks doing 80kph in almost blinding “bull dust”. The sun is sinking as we near the Maasai Mara National Reserve. (You may have noticed that sometimes Maasai is spelt with one ‘a’ and sometimes with two ‘a’s. The language of the Maasai is Maa. The colonials used to spell it with just one ‘a’ and that has been followed by many.)

We arrive at our accommodation and open the doors to get our luggage and it is covered in dust – white dust. The efficient staff brush it off before bringing it to our tented accommodation. We are living in luxury tents for the next 3 nights before flying on to Nairobi.

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