130828 Maasai Mara – Johannesburg

The Plan

This morning enjoy your Included Scenic Enrich exclusive farewell bush breakfast and game drive before boarding your Included flight back to Nairobi.  On arrival in Nairobi connect with your flight to Johannesburg.  On arrival in Johannesburg you ail be transfered to your luxurious hotel situated in the heart of Sandton’s shopping district.  HB

How the day turned out

What’s a bush breakfast in Kenya.  Before we could found out, we had to have our bags out at 7:30am for a 8:00am departure for, I guess, something that we all were not expecting.  We climbed the hill behind the Lodge in the 4WD expecting that we would have some sort of ‘box’ to eat out of.  Turning a bend, we got a view of what we were in for.  An outside breakfast looking out over the great Maasai Mara plains and National Park.  Who could top what Scenic Tours have done for us; silverware and all the cereals, fruit, and hot breakfast cooked on a BBQ.

The sunshine ‘made it’ very special.  We had a table for each 4WD group together with our drivers. It was buffet style but the surroundings made it.  Just such a magnificent view from a mountain top in a game park reserve with zebra and gazelle feeding close by.

It’s not a good idea to get too close to a zebra.  One of our group thought it was great to take a photo of a young zebra that was wandering around the resort back in Livingstone.  The young one’s mother came up from behind and gave Robyn a good biff from behind and Robyn ended up on her back.  Lucky she was wearing a scenic backpack to break her fall.

We spent a good 90 minutes for breakfast in such wonderful surrounds and a great way to end a fantastic visit to Africa.

The last 14km to the Keekorok airport is the last we see of bull dust, but we still get dust in our ears.  The airstrip is a dirt strip but can take the Dash 8, which we fly in, on to Wilson’s Airport, Nairobi.  At Wilson’s, we are met by our suitcases and given the opportunity to repack for the transfer to Nairobi International Airport for our flight to Johannesburg.  It is a bit of a long process as things haven’t been rebuilt since the recent fire which destroyed the main buildings.

On arrival into Johannesburg, we have a coach transfer into the city to the Michael Angelo Hotel – rated 5 star like all the other accommodation we have had on this Scenic Tours Grand African Safari Tour.

Senior Moments/s

Earlene was washing her hands in the bathroom when she noticed John washing his too.  Sorry John – wrong room. ( I bet he din’t use the urinal.)

The hotel laundry staff couldn’t find Lorraine’s lost bra.  She told the staff, while lifting her precious ones, that her boobs will miss them too.  They apologised profusely and didn’t charge her the laundry bill.

Thoughts on the venture

Lorraine.  Fantastic!!!!  Thorneybush was the best – could get very close to the animals.

Travellers thoughts

Leo – The Elephants crossing the stream in Chobe National Park were something hard to believe.

Ken – Seeing the animals in the zoo is one thing but in their natural habitat makes it all worthwhile.

Steve – Making new friends on a trip makes the whole event more worthwhile

Julie – My first balloon ride was fabulous.  I am not real good with heights but I never felt unsafe.  The view was well worth-while.

Earlene – Animals, animals and more animals, all doing their own thing, naturally, and I have video to prove it.

Darleen – The baby monkey I saw just after it was born, and the roar of the Lion on the 3rd day at Thorneybush.

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