140206 Voyager of the Seas Inspection

Today, I had the privilege of accepting an invitation from Lyn (there’s always a first time), to inspect the Royal Carribean Lines “Voyager of the Seas”.  She (the ship, that is, NOT Lyn) has been doing summer cruises around the Pacific and New Zealand and was in Melbourne for the day.  Often, these companies invite travel agents to inspect the ship to help with selling their product, and we get to be on board for a few hours.  So I have had to pass on to Lyn all what I found out about the ship.

Australia’s first megaliner is longer than three football pitches and has 13 decks of ‘WOW’.  Experience three swimming pools, a full-size sports court, a huge fitness centre and kids’ facilities, a climbing wall, a boulevard of shops and cafes, a magnificent spa, an ice skating rink and a golf course, ah! mini-golf course.  Now, that’s the sort of ship I could live with indeed.

There are two sister ships, Radiance of the Seas and Rhapsody of the Seas which carry around 2,000 passengers compared to over 3,100 on Voyager, and they are currently plying the waters of the South Pacific at this time of the year.  The Voyager is going to be upgraded in May so when it returns in the next season, it will have a whole lot more facilities available on board.

Surprisingly, costs on a ship per day are rather less than we often think, as we get as much food from many different restaurants as we like, world class entertainment, lots of sports facilities, the bed gets made daily and ‘pulled down’ at night, and lots of personal Royal Caribbean service, without opening our wallet for the entire cruise.

When you make the decision to take a cruise, call Lyn during office hours for further information and sailing dates of the many cruise liners which we are agents for, or better still, drop by to pick up some cruise brochures from our vast range.  Lyn is an Accredited Consultant of the International Cruise Council of Australia.

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