140312 Celebrity Solstice Inspection

I ate my first ever salmon steak today!

The Celebrity Solstice is the newest cruise vessel to cruise Pacific waters this summer – just 5 years since it’s commissioning in Germany.  She carries 1,500 crew to care for 2,850 passengers within her 122,000 tonnes.  90% of the stateroom cabins have a balcony from which you can enjoy the sea breeze in the early mornings and a private ‘before dinner drink’ in the evening.

With 8 restaurants to choose from, much of your time is taken up enjoying the tastes of the world.  This cruise ship has some very unique hidden away places to dine in very elegant settings, like the “Murano” or the “Silk Harvest”.  There are many bars and cafes, around the 15 decks, that can be experienced at most times of the day; there is even a specialised ice-cream servery.

The main entertainment theatre is situated on 2 levels and runs 2 shows of world class performances each evening.  There is also a conference room theatre that enables a more intimate night club singer to enthral you into the wee hours of the night.

If you wish to have a company conference or product launch on board, there are 3 small conference rooms which combined, enable a group of 150 to attend.  The ship staff care for all the bits and pieces that go into conferences and the attendees have all the facilities of the ship when conference is not in session.

A particular ‘hit’ with many cruise ‘tragics’ is the continuous art show on board.  On most of the cruises, there are art auctions of the highest standard.  One such painting on board was one by Picasso himself.

There is one half of an acre of lawn on the top deck.  It is rare to have to ‘mow the lawn on the ship’ but Celebrity have managed to grow the lawn, and other plants around the ship, in volcanic soil, thus passing the stringent government quarantine departments of both Australia and New Zealand.  Bocci can be played and picnics can be had on the lawns.

Celebrity Solstice has a “Blue Aqua Plan” which gives the serious cruiser a little edge on the normal passenger.  The state rooms are no larger but have more elaborate fixtures and fittings.  There are preferential boarding procedures and day tours are a lot easier to get to when your ship docks at a port.

Children are well catered for with parents often being called to collect their ‘forgotten’ extras.  There are children’s games rooms, a teenage disco and ‘soft drink’ bar, and a half-court basketball area for the energetic.  The children are ‘tagged’ according to age groupings so they can only enter their own age groups activity on the ship.  Some kids even have a GPS provided so they can be identified quickly by security staff.

On a cruise, most passengers avail themselves of the gym and spa area.  There are personal trainers on board for you to have assistance in perhaps, loosing that extra food that was ‘so delicious’ last night.  The Aqua Spa uses Phyto products to help soothe that tired aching body of yours in delightful surroundings.  There is a large outside pool area with 4 individual spas and a covered-in pool that has a retractable roof.

Night-life is well catered for on any ship and this ship is no exception, with many bars and nightclubs to spend the night after the show, waiting for the midnight supper that comes around.  “Oh no, not more food.”

Celebrity Solstice? a great ship with super facilities for all kinds of persons willing to enjoy the lazy lifestyle of an experienced ‘cruiser’.

Oh, about that salmon.  You probably wonder why I make this declaration.  Ever since I can remember, I have disliked the smell of seafood – hence the dislike to even ‘try’ a morsel.  Yes, I did enjoy the experience of eating salmon today, thanks to the chef of Celebrity Solstice adding some delicious salt-free sauce.  And, I just ‘may’ repeat the experience in the future if the salmon does not repeat itself on me.

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