140604 Oslo

The Plan

Welcome to Norway.  We will be met at the airport by a Scenic Tours Representative and transferred to our centrally located hotel. D

Some Information

It is often said that Oslo is the quietest of the Scandinavian capitals, but there’s still a lot to see, including Viking ships and exciting art.  The 550,000 inhabitants are spread over such a large area, at the northern end of the long Oslo Fjord, that it never seems to get crowded.

How the Day Turned Out

A quick breakfast was had before our departure for a ‘hit the shops’ day in Oslo and before our 24 hour train tickets from yesterday ran out at 10:00am. Today is another ‘free’ day until our Welcome Dinner tonight at 6:00pm.

As to where everyone went to for the day, will be a mystery to me. I did spend an hour in a chair which I managed to go to sleep in while waiting for Lyn in a, yes, a clothes shop. We split after then, on amicable terms, to meet back at the hotel late this afternoon. So I just ‘wandered’ around the town checking out what was happening for the day.

I managed to see the Police Band walk down one of the boulevards of town, then perform on a stage nearby. There are some interesting statutes around, lots of tourists and many beggars asking for cash. (That would be the only disappointment I would have of Oslo.) The many cafes on the sidewalk are not too well patronised. Lots of tram movements through the narrow streets are happening. The many older style buildings have been renovated to allow the modern shopping feel to take over.

Even in this busy town, I still manage to meet up with members of the group basically doing the same thing as I – wandering.  The skies are overcast so photos are not that brilliant today, although sometimes with a bright sun, we end up with a hard to photograph image with too much backlight.

I met up with people from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  One group had just disembarked from a Baltic Sea Cruise on Princess Cruises.  They had 28 degrees in Saint Petersburg with sunshine and smooth seas all the way.  We are hoping for the same.

The first talk from a Tour Director is usually a long one, and we were not disappointed.  Kellie is her name.  This was followed by our welcome meal and time to get to know our fellow travellers.  There are 36 in the complete group – all Australians.

Seniors Moments

When we were leaving Tullamarine Airport, after checking in, one lady realised that she had left her suitcase and carryon baggage keys on the kitchen bench.  We managed to get the porter to open them for her on arrival at our hotel in Dubai.

Another lady was viewing her pictures for the day and went to sleep.  On waking, she found a photo of her feet on the camera.  Must have hit the ‘take a photo’ button on the way down to its resting place.  Who?  Initials EH.




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  1. Make sure you visit Peterhoff Palace in St Petersburg….I think the fountains get switched on with music playing at 11am but check time with your Scenic Tour Guide…well worth seeing as is Catherine’s Palace and the Hermitage….OMG……if you like Art and History you have to visit here…it’s unbelievable…you can take pics …just pay a few dollars to use your camera

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