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The Plan

Today, we’ll explore Bergen and drive to Troldhaugen, now a museum; it was the former home of Edvard Grieg. Norway’s greatest composer.  Choose from following Included SCENIC FREE CHOICE options: (1) take a journey up the funicular railway 1,050 feet to Mt. Floien for a bird’s eye view of the city and fjord; or (2) enjoy an active walking tour of Bergen and its surrounds; your tour takes you through the mountain paths towards Mt Floien, along the way you will be able to admire spectacular scenery and see some traditional homes.  Included SCENIC FREE CHOICE Dining.  This evening, choose to dine at one of two superb local restaurants. FB, HD

Some Information

Bergen is on the west coast of Norway with a population of around 275,000. The city is an international centre for aquaculture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry and subsea technology, and a national centre for higher education, tourism and finance. The city will be host to over 300 cruise ships this summer season.

How the Day Turned Out

We get up early this morning for that regular walk that doesn’t always seem inviting when you are on holiday. As you can see from the photos, the fog is quite thick but it makes for superb reflections.

Walking around the little inlet, we pass the merchants getting the fish market ready for the day’s trade.  I don’t eat seafood and that’s mainly because I detest the smell. From the other side of the little harbour, we get some great photos and after breakfast head off for a tour of the town.

There are statutes along the way which just seem to be ‘put there’ for no reason. Streets are narrow and many are cobblestoned.

Stopping at Troldhaugen, we walk the 600 metres, down a beautiful avenue of trees, to the museum in honour of Norway’s great composer, Edvard Grieg. The location is magically placed on an impressive piece of land overlooking the fjord.  (I often wonder how a guy can find a fabulous piece of land, use it to make himself famous, and then leave a museum behind.  How do people become famous before they die?)  The piano concertos of his works are being played throughout the museum and gives a pleasant ambience about the place. His house is not painted or wallpapered inside, but boarded with unpainted timber at his request.  His piano is still useful today with it being continually kept in tune.

Our city tour continues and we see many interesting housing setups, probably to do with having the family living close by at some stage.  There are concert halls and museums and many little shops.

The foreshore, around the little harbour, is lined with magnificent old buildings that when you walk through, are a bit up and down.  Over the years, when they have had fires that burned many of the structures to the ground, the authorities demanded that they be rebuilt, but out of stone.  The owners didn’t want to and so most of the buildings in the town today are made of wood, and painted rustic colours.

After the city tour, we take a ride up the funicular railway 1,050 feet to Mt. Floien for a bird’s eye view of the city and fjord.  The weather has turned out perfect for this venture and the ride is awe-inspiring, to say the least. We take a short forest tour, learning about the vegetation and some of the animals that enjoy this great region.  There is a ‘grandstand’ strategically placed for people to sit and take in the vista extending way across the fjord.

The afternoon is free.  Interestingly, two parades have passed through the town while we have been wandering around enjoying the warm sunshine and checking out all the different types of people doing the same thing as us.  There are 3 cruise ships in town today, including the Eurodam which we will be joining in 7 more sleeps.

Fo tonights evening meal, we split for ‘chicken and vegetarians’ to one restaurant and ‘fish’ to a second. The company was great at our restaurant and the staff were efficient.  Norman was a tall guy with blonde hair who seemed to wooooo the ladies sufficiently for Chris to give him her card.

Seniors Moment 

Another Lyn thought she should join one of the colourful parades that made their way through town, and so walked a few hundred meters before realising that the parade walkers were waiving rainbow flags (gay pride march).  Not her thing at all, and left “the nice walk on a Saturday afternoon”.

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