140610 Geiranger

The Plan

Today’s Included excursion takes us on a cruise of the magnificent Geiranger Fjord.  Sail past the ‘Seven Sisters’, ‘The Suitor’, and ‘The Bridal Veil’ waterfalls.  This afternoon we travel the 11 hairpin turns of the famous Trollstigen, or Troll’s ladder road, for spectacular and unforgettable scenery.  Take the time to let yourself be embraced by the majestic landscape of this region.

Some Information

Norway has the highest cost of living in the world. Because Norway has some of the most beautiful scenery around, they believe they don’t have to provide any incentives for us to visit by building big-roomed five star resorts. And so, they only provide the bare necessities.  There are very few five star hotels or resorts in the country but there are many three star hotels with 10 star views and locations.

A new saying or two

Spruce is an energy vampire.

Jolly river is enjoying itself.

Savage mountains

How the Day Turned Out

I thought of just saying one word for this section but the word ‘magnificent’ is not the highest-ranked word in the dictionary for the day’s outing we had today, and I can’t find the right one.

A ferry is waiting close to our hotel this morning to take us along the Geiranger Fjord. There are seven waterfalls we view, the 7 sisters are showing off with a brilliant rainbow. We pass three cruise ships, the ‘Celebrity Infinity’ and the ‘MSC Magnifica’, and a smaller one ‘Berlin’, each bound for Geiranger to view the sights we had seen from the mountaintops yesterday.  This is such a beautiful Fjord.

From the arrival port of Hellesylt, our bus takes us through a few tunnels and climbs altitude to some breathtaking views. No matter where you look, you can see either high solid granite mountains or a fjord down below. We arrive at Stranda for another shorter ferry trip across a fjord to Liabygda. From here, we drive along the shore of the fjord passing orchards and strawberry gardens.  At Sylte we turn and head into some very nice territory; lush and rich in colour. A stop is made at a very ‘jolly’ waterfall for a rest and some photo shooting time.

Our destination today is to the Stigfossen Waterfall on The Trollstigen Road. A decision is made to drive down the switchbacks, take a photo stop and sing happy birthday and drink some Estonian snapps, to Alan. We then drive the many switchbacks back to the top to the visitors’ center to have lunch and take another photo stop. Alan says it’s the best birthday present he has ever received.

Our fearless Swedish driver says he has never driven the roads we are on, but one would never know.

Our return to Geiranger is back the same road to Sylte but join a different ferry to cross the fjord to Eidsdal. From here we travel towards Geiranger and take the 11 switchbacks into the town. Because there are 3 cruise ships in the village, there are many buses going up and down this portion of the road to various photo shot spots along the way. Nic does exceptionally well ‘missing’ other mirrors on the other buses without tipping us over the cliff.

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