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The Plan

A popular university town, naval base, and Germany’s largest passenger port, Kiel offers the perfect blend of urban charm. culture and history. FB,L,D

How the Day Turned Out

Kiel is another city on the northern coast of Germany. There are fare less large inter-city ferries here compared to Stockholm, Helsinki, and Warnemunde, but there is an abundance of ‘tall ships’ as an annual event of ships of years gone by is on and we have gate crashed their ‘show’. Their sails are not hoisted so they are under ‘motor power’ as they ply the harbour showing off their prowess of years long ago.

We take to the streets again and really, this is just another city with shops in it. Our first stop is to try getting on to the Internet to upload the daily post. Our efforts are without success at either portside or at the Starbucks café.

Cities become busy after 11:00am here, which means we are the early shoppers. But when the crowds turn up, I decide to return to the ship for lunch and some more rest.

Our departure from Kiel is very slow as there is much history and points of interest to be pointed out by our destination specialist on board. Various landmarks that record days of the past wars are highlighted as well as the factory where the engines for ‘our ship’ are manufactured. The many tall ships make the journey great sailing.

Outside the heads of the harbour, the accompanying pilot boat eventually collects the pilot who has been directing our captain through the channels of the harbour to open sea.

Tonight, we decide to turn up to the main restaurant without a booking and are directed to a table where none of the other 4 couples had met each other before. So the conversation is much about how many cruises we had all done and where each of us comes from. Being the only Australians, (did I call myself an Australian then? Tut tut.), amongst 8 North Americans meant we have a lot of educating to do. It would be nice if North Americans would learn beyond their own shoreline. The lady next to me had never heard of Penang, Malaysia. I wish I had asked her if she had heard of MH370. We had to leave just as the dessert was being ordered as ‘another’ dizzy attack has come on; not too dizzy that I cannot write this, thank goodness, but just need to keep still.

We are headed to our final destination for this cruise, Copenhagen, where we will have two nights on the ship before the long flight home to Melbourne, via Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. Lyn and 5 others travel to Switzerland to do a 10-day coach/train tour.

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