150910 Galápagos Islands – Lima

This morning, we woke up very early to pack, ready for the flight to Guayaquil and on to Lima, Peru.

After a very early breakfast, there is a last casual walk along the nearby beach. I chose not to venture back to land and added to my lack of sleep by finding a quiet spot in the lounge for an hour.

Most of the passengers on the ship are getting off today and many flying out to Guayaquil and on to Quito or Lima. Our layover in Guayaquil was to be 6 hours so before we left Australia, we requested a day 3-4 hour tour of Guayaquil for our group. Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador with over 2 million inhabitants. It turns out to be a very busy centre but we manage to cross the streets en mass on our way to a restaurant and then a chemist. One thing every traveller should be prepared for is getting a cold or a dreaded belly problem. We have had quite a few in our group ‘go down’ and I’m sure there is more to come.

Our guide does a good job of filling in the few hours showing us his city and giving a short explanation on the history of each statute near the city hall.

It’s interesting that the now well-known iguana has right of way in the city square opposite the cathedral we visited. We noticed the first up a dead tree that allowed the pigeons to rest on its back.

The Guayaquil airport terminal is brand new; functional with lots of good quality shops and cafes. Our flight to Lima lasts about two hours.

The terminal at Lima Airport is also very busy, as is the roads we need to travel to the Swissotel in Lima City.

South America is a very large continent and in order to see and enjoy the many adventures it has to offer, you must fly quite long distances. Brazil, itself, is made up of more landmass than Australia.

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