150915 Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru. The city is build in a desert and the rainfall is just over 20mm per year. The other day we were here it was drizzling in the early morning. Today, the same. Seems that we have brought the annual rainfall in two days. Our hotel is in the centre of the new business district so there are lots of BMWs and Mercedes around. Strangely, there are no Peugeots – oh one day, maybe.

Our city tour left at 9:30 after our laundry was collected, and we had a very fluent English-speaking guide to teach us so much. She speaks constantly as we drive the 30 minutes or so through heavy traffic to the centre of the old town. First stop is, you guessed it, another church. I am now a firm believer that all old cities and towns would have no history if it weren’t for a church or cathedral. This one is ‘different’. During this tour, we are taken through the catacombs under the church to view lots and lots of skeletons of people who were buried in the church. There are over 25,000. Of course, we did not see all the bones and skulls but to see lots of femurs all lined up in a design was quite interesting and a surprise.

From here we walk through the old streets where shopkeepers were getting their displays ready for the day’s trade. There are beggars and street sellers with goods we would have no use for, but still some purchases are made, just to keep them ‘off our backs’.

Arriving at the city square, we were just in time for a marching band to perform in the Palace grounds. I noticed the tunes weren’t the usual sounding brass band tunes. They were very lively and had a great South American beat to them.

Our coach then took us for a quick tour of the bay side suburbs where the rich and famous of Peru live. But the region was where our lunch was served in an exquisite little restaurant behind a high wall.

From 4:00pm we had free time to catch up or rest up. Our evening was a Free Choice of one of four restaurants for the evening meal.

Tomorrow, we set off on another adventure to the Sacred Valley.

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