150919 Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu

Over two years ago, one of our clients said to Lyn, “Let me know when you’re going to South America. I want to go see Machu Picchu.” Today, that request was granted and all of us were spell-bound as we entered the ‘sacred Inca ruins’.

An early departure from the resort at 6:30am to board a train to Machu Picchu meant a very early wake up call. However, that was the best wake up call one could ever receive as Machu Picchu is just one of those places that is in your mind to visit one day; and today was our turn.

Machu Picchu township is a very busy little town with so many tourists eager to get to the UNESCO World Heritage site way up in the hills. Shuttle buses transport us up the 470 metre climb around many switchbacks to the entrance of the city that used to have around 1,000 residents. The ruins are kept in immaculately with many workers keeping the stone in pristine condition.

This post is not to provide all the details of the history of the site but is merely to provide some enticing photos and give some personal appraisals from members of our Machu Picchu group. If you want to get all the history using a fantastic guide, give Lyn a call when we return, and she will arrange your trip to South America and you too can experience and learn about this Heritage site.

Almost all in the group ‘jumped’ at the idea of putting their thoughts of Machu Picchu on paper for me to use in the post today.

“You can look at a thousand photos and videos, but you will never really understand until you experience Machu Picchu”

“The trip so far has been great so Machu Picchu had a big ask to beat some of the other experiences. When we got close, the crowds were overwhelming but the wonder started to emerge. Everywhere I looked, I was amazed at the extraordinary sight. And that was just the Scenic passengers puffing and panting but pushing through their fears and fitness. The “site” of course, was incredible. Well worth the trip.”

“Machu Picchu is a must see to experience the size and engineering marvel that it is.”

“Beyond Awesome”

“The walk to the Sun gate was worth every bit of sweat.”

“Machu Picchu, what can I say? – Overwhelming, outstanding & breathtaking – and this is an understatement.”

“A memorable visit to the lost city of the Incas on this my 77th birthday. A Day to be remembered.”


“Machu Picchu – Everything you hear about it. Absolutely fantastic.”

“Picturesque train trip, well organised tour of site – Washington (one of the guides). Good challenge to the top to the sun gate with great view of the site and surrounds. A day worth doing – one more tick on the bucket list.”

“Star Achievers, despite the difficulty of it: Val got to the guard-house. Viv to the sun gate. Greg & Deb, 5 hour Inca walk and still look fresh.”

“Never seen anything like the Inca Trek. This exciting adventure was more adventurous than we expected. Narrow paths, steep inclines, waterfalls, Alpacas grazing. Beautiful packed lunch. The Guide was excellent. Unforgettable.”

“Absolutely amazing and I made it – Yeh!”

“Everything the postcards promised.”

“The feeling of lack of air in front of this wonder is not caused by altitude sickness. It is caused by the feeling of being close to the heaven where these gods made the impossible come true. Well done buddies, we made it together!” (David – one of the guides.)

Back in the 1400s, the Incas decided to build here. What a feat! Check out the pictures to see how amazing their work really was for the 15th century.

Tomorrow we travel to Cuzco – another major site of the Incas.

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking photos. How wonderful that you have all experienced such an amazing place. I am determined to get there one day too,

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