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With a 4:00am wake up call, today was the start of another full day of traveling. It was kind of the Swissotel staff to get breakfast for us by 4:30am so we could leave by 5:00am for a very busy Lima Airport, but we could have slept in as our flight waited 90 minutes after we had boarded to start moving towards the runway. I have been trying to complete a Sudoku game between ‘push-back’ and take off, and I was able to complete 3 at this departure.

The flight was over 3 and a half hours and things got a bit boring for certain individuals who didn’t get included in the photos. It’s fairly normal for me to nod off if I am sitting still for a little while. The sleep can be from 1-30 minutes and the sleep on the flight became extended. One of our ‘humorous’ travellers thought it a good idea to load me up with all the wrapped blankets he could find. I woke when the first one was put on me and recognised that ‘something’ was happening. I just went back to sleep and when I woke a couple of minutes later, the blankets were piled high on top of me. I didn’t get a fright but gave all the practical jokers a fright when I started heaving the blankets around the cabin. Then started sending them down the aisle at who I had worked out was the culprit. Flights are often boring and it got turned into a more ‘here are the noisy ozzies at it’ exhibition.

We arrived into Buenos Aires late, of course including the 2 hour time change. The local Tour Guide welcomed us as we joined the coach for the 40 minute ride on the freeway into the city – quite a bit different to the traffic filled streets of Lima. Buenos Aires is quite a modern city with very wide boulevards; some with 18 lanes of traffic across. Arriving at our hotel, we are greeted by lots of teenagers and young people. Well, they weren’t waiting for us but we took the opportunity to accept the screams they had ready for some famous rapper staying at the hotel.

Apparently, Argentina is famous for beef; real beef, they say. A group of us made our way to a beef steak restaurant for the evening just a few blocks away. The first waiter appointed to us didn’t know english so an older gentleman came to help. Older is correct as he came back to our table four times to make sure he had our order right. And then when we wanted the bill, it took over 30 minutes to be prepared. Never had that sort of exceptional service before – not. He suddenly became very happy when he the tips were given but that was too late for him to do justice for the tip.

Tomorrow is a city tour of Buenos Aires with a free afternoon.

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