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Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon which stretches along the shoreline, between the mouths of the Po and the Paive Rivers. Parts of Venice are renowned for the beauty of their settings, their architecture, and artwork. A part of the city is listed as a World Heritage Site, along with its lagoon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Today started very early, 5:00am. We had managed 8 hours sleep.

I suggested we take our exercise routine to a new dimension and walk the cobblestones for an hour or so. Now we wish we had of taken our ‘good’ cameras as Venice is rather unique at an early hour. With good light, still canals, and very few tourists about, the city invites the photographer. Our morning exercise took nearly 90 minutes as we enjoyed the city at sunrise with many photographers eventually joining us, along the foreshore, to watch the “Rhapsody of the Seas” sail into Venice. What a sight!

Breakfast at 7:00am was quite sufficient although half our group never made it that early. Our cruise to three locations departed on time at 9:30am. Kevin had a long walk in his moon boot to get to the departure point from the muster point – poor guy.

Murano is well known as a place where beautiful glassware is created and despatched all over the world, mainly tourist’s shipments of souvenirs. We stopped off at one such place for a demonstration of the art of glass blowing. Our artist created a clear glass bowl from a “blob” of glass. With a few ‘puffs’ and twists, there was a bowl ready to use. He placed some scrap newspaper into it and the heat of the glass caused the paper to flame. His second piece became a horse. That was done in about a minute. The gift shop of ready made glass pieces was close by, and the cash till became very busy.

Burano was our second stop. This island is known for its lace and gaudy painted buildings along the canals. With sunshine happening, the colours become even more spectacular, but I’m not sure that I wish for our house to have a colour change. The third stop is in Torcello where there is a basilica, and a stall that has nice double chocolate magnums. (You can tell what I am more interested in.)

Our cruise around the islands brought us back into the main docking area in bright sunshine and ‘crawling tourists’. Each time we have made our way back to the hotel, we have seen different sights as there are so many narrow alleyways that you get confused about which one you used last time. We had a short break before heading to our gondola ride and evening meal.

The water taxi was waiting for us before 6:00pm to take us to where our 6:30 gondola adventure leaves from. Divided up into two groups of 6, we were serenaded by Italian love songs along the way.

Then some fun begins. Lyn thought that the gondola ride and the evening meal were provided by the same operator and gave the gondola provider our vouchers thinking that everything was happening as expected. Even instructions where to go for the meal was very vague and I had to race back to the gondola guys to get a clearer explanation of the directions. Eventually, we found the restaurant down a lane. However, they required a voucher for the meal, of course, and would not allow us to enter the facility until all was clear. We hopped onto the website for a copy of the voucher but once the voucher has been printed, you cant get a second copy, which we needed to pay for the meal. So we suddenly became short of European currency. Right now, Lyn is on to our office to get things sorted out (local time is now 3:30am)

The evening walk back to the hotel was pleasant as there were many ‘window shoppers’ in the alley-ways. Out in St Mark’s Square, a chamber orchestral group were entertaining the crowds with well know melodies.

Seniors Moment/s

I said how the rooms were small. The bathrooms are even more difficult to manage. Jennifer was trying to step over the bidette to the shower, clipped her heal on the bidette and ended up ‘in’ the bidette. And we all know what we are wearing when we get into the shower.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Brian swung around suddenly and knocked 3 wine bottles off the ‘welcoming table’ and they crashed on the stone floor. What a way to leave your mark and your reputation.

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