160514 Civitavecchia Italy

Our arrival into Rome was quite early in the morning around 5:00am.

Civitavecchia is a town and comune of the province of Rome in the central Italian region of Lazio. A sea port on the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is located 80 kilometres (50 miles) west-north-west of Rome, across the Mignone river. The harbour is formed by two piers and a breakwater, on which is a lighthouse. The name Civitavecchia means “ancient town”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

160514 Rome

Our arrival into Rome was quite early in the morning around 5:00am. We are really doing three cruises back to back with passengers disembarking and embarking at Rome and Athens along the way. Some of the passengers have been on the ship since it left Fort Lauderdale and have enjoyed 29 days so far. So the stop in Rome, or Civitavecchia port becomes a busy one changing passengers and loading supplies for the next week. Some of the entertainment acts change too.

Our plan for this port was to find a station and train into Rome. But as we exited the terminal area, I asked a couple what they were doing and they had plans to hire a taxi for a personalised tour into all the touristy spots of Rome. They invited us to join them and we got along very well. We found a cab with an OK price and speed off into Rome.

First stop was the Colosseum. There were many, many tourists dressed in ponchos and umbrellas as the rain had started for the day. The cabbie waited for us at each of the points of interest. We stopped at the Colosseum, The Capitol, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, and Vatican Square. Other points along the way were also noticed.

We needed to be back on ship around 5:00pm and our driver showed us how his Mercedes bus can romp along at 140kph. Why doesn’t Australia have speed limits like that? So much less traffic and just as good a roads.

After dinner in the dinning room, Lyn and I thought it was time we met up with members of our group to see how things were going. We had ‘banged’ into Lindley at the Capitol by chance during the day. Jennifer and Kath were just finishing their dinner in the Horizon Buffet after two long days of excursions. Enjoying everything but the comment that the Vatican Museum had too much wealth compared to its members across the globe.

Brian was eating alone. “The others were talking and couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted for dinner”. Eventually Kevin and Jan, Lorraine, Tony and Lynore, and Denise turned up all bursting to tell us their experiences for the last few days. Despite the rain, they had enjoyed each of the excursions they had been on.

Tomorrow, we dock in Naples for, hopefully, a sunny day.

Seniors Moments.

Brian and Denise had an interesting experience. Their bus ran up the back of an ambulance who had its siren blaring and lights flashing which then rammed into another car. The patient in the ambulance must have sat up and wondered how they got secondary whiplash. Remember, this is in the rain. After an hour of swopping relevant documents, Italian style, they somehow made it back to the ship, albeit late.

Someone in their group became lost. They found someone from the same group who was also lost. They then found a third person who was also lost. Thanks to group numbers on their lapels, they were found by the leader of the group. Always happens in Rome.

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