170914 Flight Melbourne to Quebec

It’s a long haul to Quebec from Melbourne; 4 flights with 28 hours in the air and about 6 hours in departure lounges. It kinda gets you into a “I need some sleep” mode, but you plod along the passageways anyway. To start our journey this time, we had a meetup at our place to do the airport transfer the day before our departure. This arrangement helps each other get to know who is who in the group over dinner at the Park Royal, just across from the Tullamarine terminal.

Our flight to Brisbane departed at 6:00am and we had met in the hotel lounge at 3:45am to do the walk across to the departure lounge. Late leaving Melbourne at 6:25, due to “computer problems”, wasn’t the best way to introduce us to the long trip to Quebec, via Brisbane, Vancouver and Toronto.

The staff on Air Canada were very friendly, chatty, and went out of their way to help make our trip enjoyable and “short”. Many in our group made their trip even shorter by doing things together, no matter how obvious that was. Just finding the right dozing rythm can be difficult at times.

Take a long look at this Departure Board

The sign board at Toronto Airport information desk was interesting. To crone the neck too much can do damage of the highest order if not holding on to something steady whilst doing so.

Rather than scheduling a jet service from Toronto to Quebec thrice daily, Air Canada have gone for the “more frequency” solution and having 10 return flights in a Bombadier, a much smaller prop-jet type of aircraft with single aisle and tiny seats. It may be a good idea for struggling airlines but that “struggling” thingo has been transferred to the paying passengers. We had to resort to finding room under the seat in front for our hand luggage with knees up around their ears. The overhead lockers are very tiny.

Aircraft discomfort was made up for with our transfer to our hotel being a plush Mercedes passenger van. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec is quite an imposing building and luxurious. It is in the old French part of the town and very busy during the day. We have a very large room so if you turn up, there is plenty of room to sleep on the floor.

Check out this site tomorrow to hear about the interesting shopping precinct just near our hotel.

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