120509 Sorrento 9 May Wednesday

After a quick early breakfast, we board a smaller bus for an exciting transfer to a wharf for a Jetfoil ride to the Isle of Capri.  The streets around Sorrento are so narrow with sharp turns that give the passengers a thrill or two.  Lots of wooows and aaaaahs.

No visitor to Capri should miss the boat trip to the famous Blue Grotto – and judging from the crowds, none of them do.  The inexorable battering of the waves hollowed out this cave in pre-historic times, and since it was rediscovered by August Kopisch, in 1826. it has brought fame to the island.  The sea rises well above the half-way mark inside the cave, and the entrance is so low that only small boats can pass through, and then only in summer, provided that the sea is calm.  When the sun shines outside, the cave is filled with an extraordinary flickering cobalt-blue light.  Emperor Tiberius had a nuptial chamber carved out of the rock.  This is some experience indeed.  All who came to the cave, enjoyed the experience.  We take the boat back to the port and after a 30-minute wait in a line, we take a 10-minute cable car ride up the mountain to the town square at the top, then a 10-minute walk down the other side to our restaurant for lunch.  We have three courses: salad, ravioli, and chocolate cake.  The water is included.  I have since found out that many of the others in the group enjoyed taking photos of me – asleep at the table (someone had placed an empty wine bottle near me).

Pasta is a common food here – like French fries.  You don’t see a lot of burger shops at all.  A Burger King or a McDonalds here and there, just the one Subway and no KFCs .  Why do I mention all the take-aways, you ask?  There are so many pizza and pasta shops around, you start to feel like having a non-Italian meal.

Each street café has someone on the street enticing you in for a cappuccino or pasta or even free cover charge to sit in the dinning area.

After a walk back up the hill, we are given a 1-hour walking tour around the Capri Township on the top of the hill.  It seems most Italians live in multi-story apartments.  We walk into an area of villas that have fantastic gardens with views to kill.   Many of the villas have been turned into hotels.  A villa is a freestanding house like we know it in Australia.  There are so many spots to take postcard photos of this delightful island.

The shop windows are ‘out of the box’ with great clothing colors.  I ‘test’ out one shop that has a very smart light blue jacket in the window – 1200 Euro.  “I don’t think I will be buying it”, I said.  But it did look great.

We board the cable car at 3:15 and catch the 3:55pm Jetfoil back to Sorrento.  Tonight is a free night where some walk/bus to the township of Sorrento and others enjoy the ocean view from the restaurant at the hotel.

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