120520 Dubrovnik 20 May Sunday

I didn’t do a post for yesterday as nothing much happened.  We have been at sea since cruising down the western coast of Italy, along the foot of the boot and up the west coast and across to Croatia.

We arrive at the wharf of Dubrovnik at 8:00am and are allowed to disembark at 8:15.  We had booked a cycling tour out in the country, but it has been cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’.  That could mean that there weren’t enough cycles available to our ship.

Anyway, we disembark at 8:25 and make for the taxi stand nearby.  A guy ushers us into his cab “to the old city wall” – 15 Euros.  After getting through customs, a flash of our passports, literally, showing them through the window, our driver has a good idea.  “I see you have good cameras and want to take photos.  I can take you around the area for an hour.  I can show you where there is damage from the war.  I can take you up where the cable car goes, from which, your photos will have the lines from the cable car in each and every photo.  I can even give you the history of the war and what happened.  For just 50 Euros, I can stop wherever you want to take photos which you will be proud of.”  We agree and are glad we did.  He gives us great treatment and takes photos of us from the mountaintops, looking down into the town with a blue ocean beyond.

Today is another brilliant day for photographs and video.  After our taxicab tour, we are delivered to the entrance to the old city of Dubrovnik.  The city began as a Roman settlement.  From the Middle Ages on, it was a prize sought by Venice, Hungary, Turkey and others who coveted the city’s logistical value as a maritime port.  Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, this city is a lustrous as it was 5 centuries ago when Dubrovnik was a major sea power bustling with prosperous merchants and dripping with Renaissance grandeur.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site remains well preserved as the “city made of stone and light” even as its inhabitants remember the recent sieges of the early ‘90s.  Many attractions can be found inside the protective walls of the pedestrian-only Old Town.

We climb many steps today as we walk around the wall of the city.  Great vistas of the area are available from many advantage points around the wall.  We see those who have chosen to do the sea kayaking tour.  There are thousands of other tourists as 3 large cruise ships are in town today.  Apparently, this happens almost every day of the summer months.

After using the internet at a café to upload the last post, we return to the ship for lunch and a few hours of sunbaking on the top deck of the ship.  Dinner is at 5:45 and we never miss out on this; there’s always a good meal available – and we don’t have to arrange to do the dishes.  An hour of comedy is on at 8:00pm with another hour in the Queen’s Lounge with Vivienne & The HALCats, “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll”

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