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The sleep came in handy. Today we don’t have anything planned – just see Nice. There are not many people on the promenade as we leave for our ‘before breakfast walk’. Heading towards Monaco and around the point named “where your hat blows off in the wind”, we come across the marinas where lots of billionaires live on luxurious boats – magnificent – might trade in the Motorhome for one. We take a few photos on the iPhones as ‘we are on a walk’ and loads of camera gear slows you down.
We are really looking for a ‘nice’ cafe for breakfast but have to wait until we get back to the main promenade before we enjoy a mixed French and English breakfast while sitting at a table on the sidewalk. It is cold and windy and the street is gradually getting busy with tourists and morning diners.
Even after the breakfast, the promenade is still busy with joggers and late early morning walkers. We wander the streets with ease looking at shops, yes, ladies clothing and shoe shops. Lyn ‘tests’ the price of a nice light jacket – beautiful colour; €550, around $670. It is still in the shop.
After wandering around for a couple of hours, we drop into a supermarket and pick up some bagel sandwiches, fresh fruit and yoghurt to bring back to the motel. Sitting on the balcony watching planes come in at very regular intervals while having lunch overlooking the Mediterranean, is quite relaxing.
Mid afternoon, we decide to do the open deck bus tour of the city. Meandering through narrow streets, we have commentary in English about the majestic homes of the rich, the various museums, the river through the city which has been ‘covered’ to give more useable open public space. We notice the bus stops are named after famous people of the town and France.
After the bus tour, we try to find the famous patisserie pointed out to us on the tour so we could enjoy the delicious food, but to no avail.
Today, we must have walked 10km. That’s good because we need to use up all the good food we have eaten before it becomes part of us. We return to our balcony for hors douvres and decide its too much bother to go to dinner. Bed calls at 9:00pm.





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