130330 Nice Day 2

The weather forecaster is spot on – rain and more rain. But there has been a break and we walk the promenade towards the airport and Cannes. Joggers are jogging and walkers are grabbing some exercise which one thought may not become part of ones activity for the day.
After about 5km, we take a lunch break at a pleasant little restaurant that is warm and comfortable where we can look out towards the Mediterranean across the promenade. Real French onion soup with blobs of mozzarella cheese followed by pizza, is enough for lunch. Not that we want one, but fast food outlets are rare here. We have seen one McDonalds and two Subways in all of Nice; and we have done a lot of walking so far. This afternoon is nap time before venturing out to find a show for the evening.
I went to sleep at 3:00pm and woke at 7:00pm – never done that for ages; but feel good about it.
It’s time to get out and see the night life in Nice. Seems the streets are alive with Cafes and restaurants, not all full but busy. In one cafe, we see the patrons around a very large wok eating the contents which appear to be muscles or could they be snails? Might be.
We walk another 3 km before deciding that an ice cream restaurant would be appropriate for a 10:00pm snack. The hot chocolate hits the spot and the caramel waffle is great. The mint chocolate and choco cake is up there too.
The sidewalk has quite a number of buskers and artists. We watch this guy painting with spray paint, flame, plant pot bases and scrap paper – not a bad job of planets in the sky. Interesting show for the night – and cheap.
Tonight, Europe advances their clocks for daylight saving and we have an appointment at 9:00am for a full day tour so better get to bed.









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