130405 Vienne to Lyon

After cruising the rest of the night, we arrive at Vienne at daybreak, have breakfast and start out on a city hiking tour.  They have called it a hiking tour because there is a steep hill that we climb to the top of instead of catching the little train.  The guide chats about the structural methods and styles of the buildings on the way to the top of the hill behind the city.

Vienne is a town of 30,000 people and sits on the left bank, when facing downstream, of the Rhone River about 30 miles south of Lyon.  Vienne’s recorded history dates back to the third century AD when a Gaulish tribe, the Allogroges lived where Vienne now stands.  After the Gallic wars Vienne became a Roman colony and after the fall of Rome, Vienne became part of the Kingdom of Burgundy.  During this time, Christianity flourished and a number of churches and monasteries on both sides of the Rhone River were built.

There is a Roman Theatre, the second biggest in France, today home to a yearly Jazz Festival; a temple dedicated to the Rome cult Augustus, the ruins at Cybele Garden once a Roman neighborhood.  Just across the Rhone River is one of the largest Gallo-Roman archaeological sites in France at Saint-Romain-en-Gal.

Our ship sets sail from Vienne at 1:00pm bound for Lyon just 3 hours upstream.  The scenery in between is hardly noticed as we get chatting to some folk for the 3 hours of the trip and then some more.  “Scenic Emerald” ties up beside the rival APT river cruise ship and the wharf has 6 ships berthed of similar shape and design.  Lyon (LeeYong) is a town of around 500,000 people but today it is not a very nice town as it is very overcast and showing signs of drizzle.   Lyn and I walk into the city center and wander around the shopping precinct staying close to the shops in case it starts to rain heavily.  On our return, it is time for our Port Talk and then yes, another meal.

Tonight, we choose a table with guests we have not dined with before and end up with 4 Americans and 2 Canadians.  They, of course are well learned about everything in the world, except Australia and what it is all about.  One of the guys has been in Melbourne as a guest speaker at a Breast Cancer Convention.  The ladies are expert shoppers so that goes down well with Lyn.

Famous French Persons – Brigitte Bardot

The legendary French actress former fashion model, singer and animal welfare rights activist, caused quite a sensation worldwide!  She is one of the best examples of female sensuality in the 1960s and was named in 2007 among Empire’s 100 Sexiest Film Stars.

Louis Vuitton

One of the world’s best-known French brands, Louis Vuitton, is often associated with the birth of modern luxury.  The fashion house Vuitton has been creating stylish luggage, handbags, and accessories for more that 150 years.  Louis Vuitton was born in Jura, France 1821 and died in 1892.  He began manufacturing suitcases in Paris in 1854, and the started company went on to become one of the world’s most famous fashion houses of luxury goods, known especially for its designer luggage pattern; a beige-on-chestnut monogram “L.V.” Vuitton is the finest radiant artistic expression of the commitment and joint ambition to establish new standards in worldwide fashion.

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