130811 Thorneybush Game Reserve 2

The Plan

Experience another included early morning game drive through the reserve.  After breakfast, enjoy your Included Scenic FreeChoice activity.  Load your vehicle for an Included afternoon game drive and then an Included dinner on the decking of the lodge.  FB L D

How the day turned out

Some folk were able to visit a herb farm yesterday and enjoy some cultural dancing.  Robyn has written a summary for us.

“The herb farm was started 12 months ago with a young guy heading up the business.  They pick, dry, and deliver the herbs to local restaurants and markets.

“A highlight of the afternoon was a visit to a singing group who performed and danced for us, the history of their life and what has happened to them over the years.  There were traditional drums and costumes to enjoy too.  Some of our group became ‘local dancers’ too in an effort to become one of them.”  Thanks Robyn.

After another early wakeup call, we get out and about again.  The team here care for you to the extremes; we have water bottles to ‘cuddle’ and knee blankets to use as we roam around the park.  Fortunately, we find a lioness within 10 minutes.  She appears a little stressed as though she is looking for her family as we venture closer to her.  Great Shots!  Heart thumping stuff.  She wanders back and forth and around the 4WD. “Wow, sublime close-ups”.  Eventually she gets onto some scent and canters away from us as we see her tail wagging with satisfaction.  On leaving, we all remark that our hearts are pumping and we let out a big breath full of awe.  How fortunate we have been even though the light was dull due to the early morning.

It is quite some time before we come across some more ‘beasts’; a group of elephants enjoying fresh branches and thorney bush with enormous spikes on them.  They are so sharp but also can be used as tooth picks, needles, and to spike tyres if you don’t like other motorists.  We get great video and many stills of these great beasts.  It was good to see that even Charlie has an ‘afraid’ element to him, as he quickly moves the 4WD when an elephant comes toward us.

Onward we must go, and to the water hole we come.  About 40 buffalo are enjoying the dip in the water.  There are a few calves learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ of being in a game reserve.

Our guide gets a radio message that a ‘kill’ has been found so we make our way in that direction.  Our hopes are satisfied to enormous proportions as we come across a couple of cheetahs devouring a small deer.  “Great footage”!  We watch, film and photograph for over 10 minutes.  The cheetah keep eating just 5 meters from us.  One of them takes a rest from eating and as he walks away for a lie down, his brilliant coat is just amazing.  Then back for some more.

We are out on this morning’s safari for 3 and a half hours before returning for another superb breakfast.

Walking out in the bush where you are prone to be eaten by lions, is a scary experience indeed.  Our guide takes us through the bush explaining how plants are used, and manure is identified.  To find water is important and doing it ‘the guides way’, things are fairly logical.

The afternoon safari begins at 4:00pm and our guide is set on finding a male lion.  Giraffes come into view, well, just from the neck up, eating leaves at the top of trees.  We see two young ones together; their mother must be around somewhere but we cant see over the tree tops.  They move so graciously moving from bush to bush.

We have quite a long period of ‘nothing big’ but lots of impalas and the like.  Not long before sunset, we find that male lion.  Well really, we get word from another guide that he has found the King of Africa, sleeping.  For 20 minutes we film, shoot and enjoy the wonders of this beast.  We are fortunate to see, hear and feel the roars of this beast as he prepares to leave and make his way into the night.  How amazing!

A ‘night under the stars’ meal finishes off a fantastic day with these wonderful animals.  We can recommend Thorneybush for anyone above the age of 12.  Imagine trying to control young kids with all these guilty monkeys stealing from the tables and tapping you them on the shoulder.

Seniors Moment

Verley was walking past Gordon’s unit and heard what she thought was an animal taking command of a situation.  Leo is not a Lion but he sure sounds like it when he takes his afternoon nap.


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