130812 Thorneybush to Johannesburg

The Plan

Travel via the magnificent ‘Panorama Route’, one of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations in South Africa.  Stop at God’s Window for breathtaking vistas before continuing to Johannesburg.  FB

How the day turned out

Everyone is still in disbelief  that we have been able to be so close to such wild animals over the last few days.  It has been just an amazing experience one will never forget – and we are only one-third the way through.  No-one will forget the ROAR of the male lion last night and those who witnessed the cheetahs’ meal will forever remember how nature works.  Our guide was telling us that if humans are the cause for an animal to be injured, they will call in a vet to help, but if the animal is damaged in a fight or falls or is lamed by another animal, they let nature take its course.  Sad, but probably the best action to take.

Today is really just a transit day with a couple of stops along the way.  Last night at drinks while on safari, one of the guests returned and realised his video camera was not ‘with him’.  His guide went back along the track they had travelled just after sunset and found the camera on the ground where the drinks were had – fortunate indeed.

We take a slightly different route back to Johannesburg and visit The Potholes.  Not a deep gorge but an interesting set of grooves caused by erosion over the years.  Lunch is at a pancake restaurant – very good indeed. “I’ll have one savoury and a delicious fig and nut with ice-cream, please. “mmmmmm”.

We are staying at the D’oreal Grande Hotel which is attached to the Johannesburg Casino.  Quite plush but our room is rather small.  A re-packing exercise happens tonight down to just the one suitcase between us for our 3 nights in Livingstone at Victoria Falls.

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