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The Plan

Fly to Livingstone, Zambia.  Your hotel is located a short stroll from Victoria Falls, on the banks of the magnificent Zambezi River.  This afternoon see the powerful and majestic falls at close range during your Included tour of the Zambian side of one of the seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls.  FB D

Some Information

About twice as wide and twice as deep as Niagara, the Victoria Falls carry the mighty Zambezi River over a sheer precipice with a maximum drop of 108 m into a chasm whose width varies from 25 to 75 m and into what is known as the Boiling Pot.

How the day turned out

When you’re on tour, you need to fill the day with something to do.  So, we have yet another early start.  Our bus collects us for our transfer to the airport at 8:00am.  Moving through Johannesburg Airport can be a laborious task; with 29 people all being told to go different directions and check-in counters by ground staff, we eventually come out the other side at the departure lounge.

I was completely unaware that I had not emptied the bladder of water in my backpack.  After proceeding through Melbourne, Perth, Johannesburg and Cape Town security checks, I was held up at Johannesburg security and had to do a U-turn and empty the bladder out before being able to ‘get on the other side’.  That meant ‘re-dressing’ and walking back about 150 meters to a bathroom to do the off-loading.  Time consuming!

Our flight was just an hour and a half to Livingstone but we find, yes, we are in another country.  Things ‘work’ differently here.  But, as a group, we managed to board our bus transfers to our magnificent accommodation in just 30 minutes.  “The Royal Livingstone” is situated on the banks of the great Zambezi River, just upstream from the famous Victoria Falls.

We have a few free hours before a 15 minutes walk to view the Victoria Falls, so some take a “high tea” African hospitality style.  Man, did we get cared for.  The best china and very nice cakes and scones to go with our English Breakfast tea.  We look out over the Zambesi and can see elephants grazing just over the fence near the river.  Zebra, giraffe and impala also graze around the grounds of the hotel.

Just next to The Royal Livingstone” is another resort, “The Zambezi Sun”.  We meet there and proceed to Victoria Falls.  Another exhilarating experience!  Thunder is the sound of the water and spray flowing over these magnificent falls – I wouldn’t know how to describe the noise if it was the height of the wet season when millions more litres of water passed over the crest per minute.  We are there for sunset.

Our dinner is at “The Zambezi Sun” restaurant and we are treated to many curries and ‘on-the-spot’ stir-fry which is done using your own choice of food.  The dessert wasn’t too bad either.

Early night tonight as we have to leave here at 7:00am after breakfast for another big day.

Seniors Moment/s

We have just heard that Sid and Sharon had a very early start the other morning.  When you go to bed, it is best to make sure that your watch is lying the correct way.  Sharon looked at her watch and got Sid out of bed, packed, had a shower, and started to make their way to breakfast.  The problem was, it was only 3:45am. The watch was upside down.

As you get on board the flight from Johannesburg, you are given an immigration card for entry into Zambia.  Lyn didn’t remember where she was born and wrote her birthdate instead. Earlene was born in Australia instead of Perth.  Sisters with birth problems.

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  1. Good to see you are having such a great time. Hope you do not have any more attacks. Vic falls are certainly great to see. I can see you are going to have a problem with excess baggage when you come home!!!

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