130817 Johannesburg – Nairobi

The Plan

This morning, fly to Nairobi, the thriving capital city of Kenya.  On arrival you will be met and transferred to your centrally located hotel.  FB D

Some Information

Kenya is everything you ever imagined the Dark Continent to be.  Its very name conjures up pictures of vast herds of elephant lumbering over the rolling, grassy plains, beneath the shadow of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.  For many years, Kenya is synonymous with big game – and for good reason.  With a land area almost two and a half times that of the United Kingdom (582,600 sq km), the country has more than fifty national parks and game reserves, covering 8 per cent of its territory – roughly a third of the size of England!  The Big Five – namely buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros – are more numerous here than anywhere else.  The population of 25 million made up of no fewer than 48 different ethnic groups.

How the day turned out

Today is another transit day to Nairobi where our ‘real’ safaris commence – so we are told.  Knowing that the International Terminal has burnt down 9 days ago, arriving is a little “I wonder what’s going to happen with Customs and Immigration.”  It does seem busy with tractors and trailer carting goods and machinery around.  There are a number of other aircraft parked near, but not attached, to the International Arrivals and Departures building and quite a number of marquees around where we find out that they are being used as immigration processing centres.

Our group is very patient.  Others, we shall not say from where, are not.  Pushing and standing your ground is the order of the day.  Considering the number of passengers that come through Nairobi each day, the authorities have organised the procedures the best that can be done.  Even photos are taken of everyone as we enter Kenya. I hope they frame mine against my ‘pretty’ kiwi passport and hang it is City Hall.  HAHA!

From arrival to getting into our 4WD jeeps was only 1 hour.  From the parking spot to the exit of the parking area, was 25 minutes.  It is thought it may take 90 minutes into the city where our motel, The Sarova Stanley is.  Through hotel security we go and into a very much, Colonial looking hotel.  After a briefing on what is in the plan for the the next 24 hours, we venture across the street to the ATM for some local currency, the Shilling – mind you, an accompanying security guard is required accessory.  We draw our 500 shillings and realise it is only $6.30 australian.  Oops, not much really so we draw another 5,000 shillings and then get it broken up to use for tips and small items we may purchase at markets along the way.

The evening meal includes a birthday cake – it is Darlene’s ??? birthday today.  The lemon lime and bitters (a common beverage for us on this trip) is $7.50 for a large glass.  Coke is $1.80.

There are not too many photos taken today but we will try and make it up from tomorrow as we travel to Tanzania for three nights and then back into Kenya for 8 nights before heading back to Australia.

Thank you to all the folk who have made comments on the posts and photos.  Lyn takes most of the stills on a Sony a55, with some on a compact Sony HS50V while I am busy with a Sony Handycam HDR-XR500 on a tripod.  We certainly are getting a lot of good pictures and video to enjoy in the future.  Much editing is to be done on our return.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mum/Nanna! Hope you’ve had a good birthday! We love you lots! Xoxox Lele, Mil, Ben and Mila xoxoxo

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