130816 Livingstone – Johannesburg

The Plan

Fly to Johannesburg, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  FB D

How the day turned out

Exactly that! It can be a very long process to travel in Africa.  When we arrived in Africa we were advised about TIA (This is Africa).  This acronym is used whenever things don’t work out how you expect them to.

After a final breakfast at the Royal Livingstone Resort, we stop by and take a quick guided tour through the David Livingstone Museum.  The guide gives us a brief history of Northern and Southern Rhodesia before independence and then into the self government ruling period.

David Livingstone (19 March 1813 – 1 May 1873) was a Scottish Congregationalist pioneer medical missionary with the London Missionary Society and an explorer in Africa. His meeting with H. M. Stanley on 10 November 1871 gave rise to the popular quotation “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”  All his letters and diary is available to view.

If any history loving anthropologist is out there, donate lots of money to this museum because it has some great history but the presentation could be improved enormously to do it justice.

We score lots of brownie points today with our tour guide as we are ready to depart the hotel early, no-one wants to stay at the museum for an extended visit, and we arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure.  Hows that!!  This is the first time for me that I have had to go through security with our check-in luggage and then again as we boarded the aircraft.  I take an age to go through security as I keep my laptop in my back-pack and when you take off your belt and empty all the pockets and take off the vest which has my travelling needs in it, I know I am holding up the flow of passenger movements.  Once on the aircraft, we have to sit and wait for an email to give the pilot clearance due to us being 4 tonne over the normal take-off load.

Arrival in Johannesburg is not much later than the schedule. We are moved to the arrivals hall by bus.  We are delayed at the baggage collection area but when we get to the bus terminal we do not have to wait too long for our transfer bus to arrive.  We are staying at the same hotel as we did 3 nights ago.

Six of the group are leaving us tomorrow, (not from Yarra Travel Junction), so we have a ‘parting’ meal together.  Tonight, we have to prepare our baggage for the Kenyan/Tanzania safari part of our journey.  We have to ‘pack down’ to a provided soft bag that goes with us in our small safari vehicles.  Our main baggage has to be kept in Nairobi until the end of the safari.

Yes, there’s not much to report today and no photos other than people waiting at an airport.  Rest is required as we have had some very high moments in the last week or two.

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