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The Plan

Today, enjoy your Included Scenic Enrich visit to a local village to gain an appreciation of traditional tribal life.  You will also explore the quaint town of Livingstone which is rich in heritage, and visit the Livingstone Museum.  This afternoon board your vessel for an Included sunset cruise on the Zambezi River.  FB

Some Information

The area of Chobe National Park is more than 11,000 sq km and is about the size of Jamaica.  We are in Chobe at the best time of the year when in a single day, you can see thousands of animals – elephants in unparalleled numbers, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, kudu and impala.  More than 250 species of birds are also viewable.

How the day turned out

The ‘some information’ above was for the previous day.  The two days were swapped around after the itinerary had been set.  Yes, things here are very much ‘This is Africa” (TIA).  Changes do happen.

Visiting local villages is often confronting to people as the locals do live a different lifestyle to us.  Chief Mukunis Village is not far from our accommodation but we ‘leg-over’ to get into the 4WD again and slowly down the road.  We see a guy along the way using two donkeys as his bullock team; no reins, but he does have a whip for control.

On arrival at the village, we are separated into two groups and guides take us through the village describing how they live and how their judicial system works.  We are explained their marital system and that it ‘stands the test of time’.  “Now how many wives do you have?”  Inside their cramped dwellings we see ‘used’ lounges and other “guess what I found” furniture.  The ground is very sandy and our shoes get a heavy coating of African Red soil.

On entering the market area, we are confronted by pedlars wanting to become friends before ‘forcing the sale’.  I notice a sign on the front of a bench “You are part of my business” and have a little chuckle to myself.  But what a good tagline?  Our guide tells us when we get on the bus that ‘You haven’t seen anything yet.  Wait until we get to Kenya”.

On entering the school, we are spoken to by the principal.  He mentions they have over 1,000 students.  Many of them are on holidays while the senior students are preparing for upcoming graduation exams.  A very high percentage of the students are orphans because their parents have died from Aids. We enter a classroom and are treated to a special item from the class.  The students seem to enjoy our visit as we mingle amongst them for 10 minutes or so.  English is the teaching language and subjects are similar to what is taught in Australia.  However, an important point is made around the school on signs that ‘There is NO cure for AIDS”.  Aids is very big in African countries and it is good that even elementary students are taught how this has come about.  Some gifts and money are left with the teachers.

Today is our helicopter flight over Victoria Falls.  This means we can have some spare time at the resort while small groups take their exhilarating flight over those magnificent falls.  We have a female pilot born in South Africa and does a very good job indeed.

Our cruise along the Zambezi River leaves from another resort up river.  Local musicians entertain us until our ship leaves for a lazy ‘look and see’ at crocodile and hippopotamus. We come across a herd of 6 or 7 just lazing in the water near the bank.  Everyone has their camera at the ready for the hippo yawn to happen, and we get them.  Wow! what a big mouth you have!  The blood red sunset is magnificent as people get photos for their photo albums on returning home.

Another day of short awesome experiences that will last a lifetime.  Tomorrow, we head back to Johannesburg and then on to Kenya.

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